On-Demand Hosted QuickBooks: Customized Infrastructure for Your Needs

Published May 21, 2023
on demand quickbooks hosting solutions

Over the years, the setup and installation procedures for QuickBooks have evolved, offering various utilization options for accounting professionals. As one of the most well-used accounting software in today’s business market, QuickBooks is a favorite among accountants. However, complications may arise due to technical gaps.

Hosted QuickBooks: A Customized Solution for On-Demand Access

While installing QuickBooks on local computers or in-house servers is one approach, opting for cloud-hosted QuickBooks is becoming a more practical choice today. A large number of CPAs now prefer having QuickBooks hosted on the cloud to reap the benefits of a cloud environment, as detailed below:

1. Cost efficiency

It’s observed that approximately 30% of the time dedicated to accounting is spent resolving network and software issues. Engaging a technical expert for problem resolution is crucial for errors such as those generated by mismanaging QuickBooks or running in a suboptimal environment to avoid time, effort, and data loss. This results in added costs for maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure. On the other hand, QuickBooks Hosting is a technologically advanced alternative for small and medium-sized firms and CPAs.

2. Work flexibility

QuickBooks hosting is appealing to businesses because it enhances the functionality of QuickBooks Desktop software. With cloud hosting support, users can access it and their accounting data anytime and anywhere. This eliminates the constraint of working solely within office premises and allows users to perform their accounting tasks on the go.

3. Effortless team collaboration

Furthermore, the multi-user mode functions seamlessly with QuickBooks hosting services. Various QuickBooks users can access the same accounting files and work on the cloud anytime, regardless of their physical location.

4. Smooth transition to the cloud

Moving to cloud-hosted QuickBooks doesn’t present significant challenges for any business that uses the desktop version of QB. The chosen cloud service provider handles all IT-related issues, including installation, configuration, compatibility, and upgrades. This helps save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent setting up and maintaining in-house infrastructure. It ensures that accountants always have the necessary resources without experiencing extended downtime. Additionally, cloud environment IT requirements are easily scalable per future growth needs.

5. Improved work efficiency

Hosting QuickBooks desktop on the cloud saves time and money but also simplifies the tasks performed by all your employees. All operations can be carried out without being tied to a desk or limiting employee mobility. As a result, work efficiency improves, which is essential for a growing business.

6. Simplified business scaling

For small and medium-sized firms, business growth means providing accounting services to a more extensive client base. On the technical side, they also need to invest in the required IT infrastructure to support such expansion plans. Hosted QuickBooks can significantly reduce these growth-related expenses. There’s no need to upgrade in-house server specifications or expand the IT support team. They can easily scale up their cloud hosting plan by informing the chosen cloud service provider. Likewise, they can scale down their hosting plan in the off-peak season if necessary.

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