How Much Does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Cost?

Published November 9, 2022
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Even though today, in the age of digital transformation and cloud computing, most companies of all sizes already prefer to host their business software, such as QuickBooks and files, remotely in the cloud, many still stick to the traditional on-premise deployment mode. And not in the least due to financial considerations. 

Not that keeping your QuickBooks software and all accounting data locally stored on office workstations is cheaper. Rather, the contrary is true. But in the eyes of many business owners and company managers, however, the costs of on-premise deployment of an accounting and finance management software suite are quite transparent and easy to estimate, thus making this option more predictable and rational for them. 

Lacking an understanding of the cloud hosting pricing model and being unsure about all the actual costs of hosting QuickBooks, many business managers see migrating from on-premise deployment to the cloud as a potential budgeting risk.  

Let us shed some light on how the cloud hosting pricing model works and how much you should expect your QuickBooks hosting to cost when adopting this deployment mode.

Costs of Traditional On-Premise QuickBooks Desktop 

First, let’s look at the expenditures that the traditional on-premise deployment of QuickBooks Desktop software typically comprises.

1. Hardware costs

Any local on-premise deployment of QuickBooks or another accounting and finance management software suite, such as Sage, comes with a significant upfront cost. Depending on the organization’s size, the IT infrastructure required to support the bookkeeping with QuickBooks Desktop would vary. Still, the upfront expenditures on servers, desktop PCs, Internet connection, etc., are always present. 

2. IT staff costs

Naturally, any business with a large enough IT infrastructure requires qualified staff to manage and maintain its hardware and software components. Employing people with relevant expertise and experience can be costly.

3. Infrastructure maintenance costs

The IT infrastructure maintenance would be a considerable expenditure as it requires upgrades, updates, and modernization efforts. As your IT infrastructure gets older and more outdated, the maintenance costs increase. 

4. Data storage costs

Managing the storage of all the financial data entered into a bookkeeping app such as QuickBooks is another business headache and expense you should consider when sticking to an on-premise accounting software deployment approach. Depending on the size of your organization, the amount of data stored in QuickBooks Desktop can be quite large, resulting in the need to purchase additional hard drives, servers, and other hardware to support the company database. 

5. Licensing costs 

Additionally, QuickBooks Desktop requires licensing management with timely extensions of the software licenses for all workstations and devices. 

Costs of QuickBooks Desktop Hosted in the Cloud 

The majority of QuickBooks cloud hosting providers offer their services on a subscription basis with monthly fees. 

Naturally, QuickBooks Desktop hosting pricing can vary significantly depending on the specific cloud provider and the services included in the subscription plan. On average, the monthly price for quality QuickBooks cloud hosting with a basic subscription is in the $60 per user range. 

The best QuickBooks cloud hosting providers include all the required services and maintenance operations at the basic monthly per-user price, only charging extra fees when the customer requests additional services or computing resources. 

Here are the services that typically come all-inclusive in the basic QuickBooks cloud hosting subscription fee: 

QuickBooks cloud hosting

High-quality QuickBooks in-the-cloud offers should include hosting on a dedicated server and customization on the cloud environment based on the client’s needs and requirements.  

24/7 customer support 

Also typically included in the monthly fee is the customer support provided by qualified IT experts experienced in QuickBooks and deploying this software on cloud servers for remote access. Depending on the provider, the support can only be provided via email or through several channels, including phone support and live website chat. 

Cloud server maintenance and updates

Naturally, the QuickBooks hosting provider is responsible for maintaining its cloud servers, which includes installing software updates promptly, managing the server hardware, and other maintenance activities for the client. 

Customer data backups

Automatic backups of every customer’s QuickBooks data stored on the cloud server is another task a QuickBooks hosting provider should take care of for its clients at no extra charge. Automatic data backups are typically executed daily. 

Cybersecurity protection 

Ensuring that customers’ QuickBooks apps and data stored in the cloud are reliably protected against malware and hacker attacks is also a responsibility of QuickBooks hosting providers, generally included in the final price.

gotomyerp’s QuickBooks Desktop Hosting Cost 

It isn’t unusual for QuickBooks cloud hosting providers to customize their monthly fees for each client based on their individual needs and requirements. 

In gotomyerp’s case, for example, the monthly per-user subscription price starts at $60 for all types of QB hosting, including QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, QuickBooks Premier hosting, QuickBooks Pro hosting, etc. 

Here are a few reasons why gotomyerp’s customers across various industries choose our QuickBooks cloud hosting offer as one of the most beneficial and cost-saving offers available.

1. Bulletproof data protection

Being one of the leading and most trusted QuickBooks and Sage cloud hosting platforms in the United States and Canada, we at gotomyerp put the protection of our client’s data first and foremost. We offer a wide selection of features and components powered by the latest, most powerful cybersecurity technologies to ensure that information entrusted to us by our clients won’t be compromised, lost, or misused.  

2. Variety of automatic data backups

We are also highly attentive to the process of backing up and restoring the data of our clients. While most cloud hosting providers offer basic reserve copying of clients’ data on a schedule, gotomyerp takes it several steps further. We make separate reserve copies of the cloud environment and every server included in it. This allows us to provide easy recovery options covering any changes you may have made, including data and software updates, systems settings, business rules, etc. 

3. Rapid data restoration

With some QuickBooks cloud hosting providers, the recovery process can take a long time. Sometimes, it may be days or weeks before you can access the system again. We utilize the latest cloud technologies and server hardware solutions to provide clients with a quick automatic data restoration process in every possible scenario. Secondary copying of backups in different data centers allows us to cut the required time to a minimum, completing data restoration within 24 hours or less, even for large data volume backups. 

4. High-performance server environments

Our platform is designed to host your QuickBooks apps on optimally tuned high-performance servers for fast, uninterrupted access. 

5. Distributed infrastructure

gotomyerp relies on data center infrastructure distributed around geographical locations and time zones to ensure streamlined delivery of data and services to users across different parts of the U.S. and Canada, as well as in other places worldwide. 

6. Timely upgrades and software updates

We are religiously focused on upgrading and updating our infrastructure promptly to keep every element of gotomyerp’s cloud platform safe and up-to-date.

7. Live demos of gotomyerp’s platform

We also host live demos if you need more information about gotomyerp’s QuickBooks cloud hosting offers or if our dedicated server environments can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs. Any potential customer can request a live demo of gotomyerp’s platform with explanations about the cost of QuickBooks hosting and other info. 

Ready to migrate your QuickBooks applications to gotomyerp’s QuickBooks hosting platform? If so, get in touch.