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All the Reasons Why Your Business Needs QuickBooks Hosting in 2022

Over the past few years, starting a business has become easier than ever, mainly due to digitalization and simplified regulations. People with a good business plan and funding can simply register their company online and start their entrepreneurial journey. Many businesspersons are successfully able to turn their small- to medium-sized businesses into successful, large corporations. However, […]

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Choosing Between Desktop, Online, And Hosted Solutions For Accounting

Whether you’re looking for new accounting software or want to upgrade your existing one to meet changing needs, the deployment method you go for is an essential consideration. Simply put, the deployment method determines how the software will be accessed. But the decision isn’t straightforward because each option has its own functionalities and limitations. Currently, […]

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The Difference Between Public and Private Clouds  

The need to stay competitive and agile has never been greater. Over the last few years, disruptions in the technology and financial sectors have pushed large and small organizations to implement major changes. It’s no surprise that most accounting firms are ditching traditional human accounting systems for intuitive cloud-based QuickBooks hosting services. The flexibility and effectiveness offered by cloud-based hosting servers […]

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Working Remotely During This Tax Season

The evolving business landscape has pushed traditional industries—such as accounting and banking—to innovate and digitize operations. Leveraging technology to offer more flexible work practices allows companies to stay competitive. According to a 2019 report published by FlexJobs, accounting and finance were some of the most popular fields for remote work—yet another testament to the fact that […]

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Cloud Adoption Plan

Abstract:  gotomyerp Cloud Adoption Plan (gCAP) offers the best practices and simple guidance to move an organization’s cloud computing, simply, safely and easily no matter the size of entity.  From micro, small, mid-sized, large and enterprise. The gCAP is made easy by areas of focus that are relevant to implementing cloud-based systems. This whitepaper series […]

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5 Reasons Why Sage is the Best Choice for Cloud Accounting in 2022

Thanks to the development of computing technologies, modern-day businesses, CPAs and bookkeepers can enjoy a truly great choice of powerful accounting software tools. And, with wide implementation of cloud solutions, they no longer need to face all the limitations of traditional on-premise software, being able to access bookkeeping systems remotely both on desktop computers and […]