QuickBooks Hosting Myths – Busted

Published December 5, 2022
quickbooks myths premium accounting software hosting

As with everything new, there has been a lot of speculation about QuickBooks hosting. Not all of this is true. To set customers’ minds at ease, we at gotomyerp are here to separate fact from fiction.

One common notion is that QuickBooks hosting is expensive and is preferred only by large-scale businesses. Ironically, it’s the opposite as QuickBooks is not only inexpensive, it is the recommended accounting solution for start-ups and small business owners.

Many people also believe that operating QuickBooks is hard. That’s false. In fact, even competitors agree that QuickBooks has one of the shortest learning curves of any accounting software.

Businesses are also understandably concerned about security in the cloud, and once again, gotomyerp handles your data flawlessly with top-notch safety measures in place.

Finally, for those that are worried about a lack of customizations, rest assured that QuickBooks is not only feature-rich, it’s fully scalable, and has industry-wide plugin support designed to cater to your specific needs. Moreover, QuickBooks provides unlimited technical support to all its clients, and they’re with you 24/7. Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to migrate from a different provider, we can help. Call, and we’ll get you where you need to be.