4 Famous Companies that Switched to Remote Work Amidst the Pandemic

An Amazon warehouse

As millions of employees in the US wait for the things to go back to normal, their employers have rolled out temporary as well as permanent work from home policies. Some of these employees will not be going back the office ever! Reason? Led by automation and latest digital practices, leading tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have implemented permanent WFH policies amidst the pandemic.

Working from home could be the new normal for many workers as prominent companies like Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Mondelez, and Barclays are considering permanent shift to remote working practices for a number of reasons, including:

  • Reduced workspace crowd
  • Curb infection risk
  • Allowing employees to work from the comfort of their home
  • Make use of the power of AI and automated work practices to streamline and accelerate productivity of business processes, etc.

Thus, policymakers have shifted business processes to virtual platforms with the help of artificial intelligence and digital tools

Automated accounting, digital marketing, digital HRM software solutions, and cloud computing have made it easy for giants like Facebook and Twitter to embrace remote work without any major challenges.

In this blog, we’re talking about some of the most popular companies of the world and how their work practices have been transformed by remote work policies. So let’s get started!

1. Google

Google employees don’t have to come to the firm’s San Francisco Bay Area office until June 2021. While the future still remains uncertain, Google has made sure that no business process goes to loss. With cutting-edge tools and techniques backed with AI, the tech giant has ensured that all its employees have access to necessary data to work easily from their homes.

Secured video meetings, encrypted group chats, and automated, cloud document collaboration platforms have contributed to a seamless transition.

Moreover, REI, a massive outdoor retailer has announced that its employees will be working remotely for an indefinite time period. The company has even decided to sell its unused, eight acre campus. 

2. Facebook

In May 2020, Facebook was one of the first few tech companies that announced long-term WFH plan for its employees. Mark Zuckerberg expected that 50% of the Facebook’s workforce will be entirely remote for at least one decade!

A tech company employee working remotely

WFH employees are actively using software for communication, accounting, marketing, human resource, and finance management so that they’re as productive as they were at the workplace.

3. Spotify

Amidst the pandemic, Spotify focused on creating a flexible working culture built on dependence, communication, teamwork, and acknowledgment. The global music streaming company has given its employees the liberty to work from any place they like, while ensuring that the company invests in safety and continuous growth of each and every personnel.

Spotify will be adopting two interesting WFH modules this summer that are:

My Work Mode

The company’s employees can choose to work from home, office, or even a combination of two. This policy mandates strict COVID-19 SOPs implementation while offering workers an opportunity to balance a combination of home and office work modes.  

Location Choices

The firm aims to allow employees to work from out of the country with some limitation on addresses, time zones, and zip codes.

4. Amazon

Although, the global ecommerce giant faced some backlash earlier in 2020 due to its late implementation on WFH and COVID prevention strategies, the company rolled out remote work policy allowing only the white-collar jobs to work from home.

A Microsoft employee attending a remote meeting from home

Amazon’s remote work policy didn’t apply to warehouse workers and to ensure their safety and motivations, the company has invested over $800 billion. In addition to the introduction of automated inventory control and accounting techniques, Amazon has also increased its worker’s pay to $15 per hour.

By allowing staff to work remotely, companies like Amazon have also embraced inclusion and diversity.

Amazon and similar tech giants are also using this opportunity to hire people from more diverse backgrounds and skills regardless of geographical constraints. This has automatically translated into employee wellness, feeling of autonomy, and enhanced work satisfaction.

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