Why You Should Integrate Your POS System With QuickBooks Desktop

Published December 17, 2020
quickbooks point of sale system integration

In today’s thriving technological age, businesses are moving to the latest technologies to become more competitive. Companies operating in the retail industry face tremendous challenges due to constantly changing technological trends and increasing competition due to online marketplaces getting the spotlight. Especially retail businesses with a limited budget are finding themselves falling behind the line. In these testing times, a point-of-sale (POS) system integrated with QuickBooks helps them remain afloat and successfully conduct their business.

Point-of-sale Systems for Retailers

POS system is an essential component for retailers, especially in today’s fast-paced business world where consumers look for seamless billing options. It has always played a critical role in retail businesses’ success, serving as a hub to carry out transactions, manages inventory, record sales, and more. However, retailers still need a full-fledged accounting package to streamline their finances. That’s where QuickBooks Desktop comes into the equation, serving as a perfect partner for POS systems.

How Does QuickBooks Fit Into the Equation?

If you run a small retail business and reading this blog, the chances are that you’re using QuickBooks for accounting and bookkeeping to maintain accurate records. You’d love to hear that the Intuit accounting solution offers great compatibility with many POS software available in the market to help retailers optimize business capabilities. Both software packages make an excellent combo and should be part of your retail business. Let’s talk about why you should consider integrating your POS with QuickBooks Desktop:

Why You Should Integrate Your POS System With QuickBooks Desktop

Integrating POS with QuickBooks can help maximize your retail business’ efficiency. Transferring data from the POS system to QuickBooks manually can be a tedious and time-consuming process. It can be a highly inefficient way to record and manage sales for retailers dealing with a large volume of transactions. Even transferring transactional data in batches can take very long and waste precious business hours. Automating this process through integration is a smart way to manage business operations.

Here are some other key benefits of integrating your POS system with QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Better flexibility: Retailers often change their products, pricing, and inventory management techniques. Adding new items, changing prices, introducing discounts, etc., are part of regular operations. Having a POS system synced with your QuickBooks package means you don’t have to update two software separately, saving you a tremendous amount of time. The integration allows you to make changes in one system, and it’ll be updated across the system.
  • Fewer chances of errors: Retailers can minimize the probability of discrepancies and mistakes by integrating a POS system with QuickBooks. It takes out manual work that comes with the inherent risk of human error out of the equation, i.e., transferring data manually. The accounting package is automatically updated every day without requiring any manual input, virtually eliminating the chances of human error. Moreover, a single hub for transactions means mistakes can be easily be identified and corrected.
  • Saving resources: Managing two separate software requires more resources, costing your business time and money unnecessarily. Integrating your POS system with QuickBooks Desktop help cut down these costs and allow businesses to efficiently run their operation from a single, optimized accounting package. Retailers don’t need to transfer data manually or perform audits and reconciliation, saving them resources and allowing them to focus on core areas of their business.

Finding a Reliable QuickBooks Cloud Service Provider

Now that you understand the benefits of integrating a POS system with your QuickBooks Desktop, it’s time to find a reliable QuickBooks cloud service provider that can provide you with a dependable and uninterrupted hosting solution to conduct your retail business operations efficiently. You must partner with a hosting provider to offer dedicated resources to take advantage of the powerful functionality and seamless integration that the QuickBooks solution has to offer, so do your research and pick the right one.

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