Why Switching from Sage 100 to Sage 100 Cloud Is a Pro Move 

Published November 25, 2020
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The post-coronavirus business world brings a lot of change and uncertainty. Experts are tentatively looking ahead to what’s shaping up as a significant shift in workplace dynamics. The social distancing rules and poor economic conditions have forced many companies to adopt remote working policies and outsourcing business functions to remain afloat. 

Enterprises with large-scale operations find this transition easier due to established cloud-based systems that enable them to run their business remotely. However, most SMEs are experiencing difficulty transitioning due to a lack of resources. Here, third-party cloud service providers can come to the rescue.  

If your business already uses Sage 100, it’s time to switch to Sage 100 cloud. There are many benefits of switching to Sage 100 cloud hosting services, and they can help improve the profitability of your business. In a nutshell, Switching from Sage 100 to Sage 100 Cloud can be a pro move. Let’s find out why:  

Why Switching from Sage 100 to Sage 100 Cloud is a Pro Move 

Cost Savings 

Sage 100 cloud hosting services will save your business money. It eliminates the need to invest in costly infrastructure and its maintenance, saving a sizable chunk of capital and minimizing operational costs related to maintenance and upkeep.  

If your business is already using Sage 100 hosting, you must already have some infrastructure in place. However, you’ll still save money by switching to cloud as you won’t have to upgrade it after every few years, perform costly maintenance, and maintain a large IT department.  

In addition to that, the pricing plans for cloud hosting solutions are highly flexible. You need to make monthly payments for the server depending on your business needs. For instance, during off-peak seasons, you can scale down your package to save money.  

Remote Access 

Most modern companies are adopting remote working models, especially after the global pandemic. It has become necessary for every company to have systems that can provide remote access to their workforce. 

Sage 100 Cloud will help you provide the workforce with seamless access to your database. Your employees will be able to carry out their duties irrespective of their location. All they’ll need is an active internet connection and a laptop or PC.  

Furthermore, remote access allows better collaboration as it provides real-time access to employees to work on the same project without having to send files back and forth. It will help significantly boost productivity and improve the bottom line of your business.  


Data security is a big concern for small businesses. Hackers always attempt to infiltrate company databases to get unauthorized access to their confidential information. Paying for physical security and cybersecurity solutions at the same time can put a dent in your budget.  

Sage 100 cloud hosting services remedy this problem. It eliminates the need for physical security as you don’t need to maintain physical servers. Also, it eliminates the need to employ third-party cybersecurity solutions. 

Reputed cloud service providers offer high-level security, like multi-level encryption, firewall, and more, to make sure your private and sensitive business data remains protected from cybercriminals.  

Disaster Recovery  

If you use Sage 100 desktop edition, you have to make manual backups. In case of data loss, it might take hours or days to recover data, costing your company valuable business time. In some cases, you might not be able to retrieve some of your data. 

The Sage 100 Cloud comes with a disaster recovery option. Your company’s private data is safely stored in secured off-site data centers. In case of data loss, you can easily retrieve lost files and resume your business operations without wasting any time. 

Downtimes can seriously threaten your company’s reputation. So, swift data recovery will also keep your business’ image intact. Moreover, it will minimize the interruption of crucial business processes and limit the losses due to revenue reduction.  


Remote and real-time access enable employees to collaborate more effectively. It streamlines the workflow and prevents duplications. Users can create, edit, remove, and share files seamlessly across the organization. 

For instance, designers who are working on media-rich files that have large sizes don’t have to waste time sending files back and forth.

It can also be incredibly useful when working on a project with clients as they will be able to make amendments and changes in real-time, which will bridge the communication gap and result in improved customer satisfaction.  

What’s More? 

  • The Sage100 Cloud comes with a better user interface compared to Sage 100. Improved UI is more interactive and simpler to navigate. 
  • Sage 100 Cloud has a highlight feature that provides streamlined information. Also, the Business Insight Dashboard gives efficient and timely access to precise financial details. 
  • Sage 100 Cloud offers upgraded user apps and greater accessibility for multiple devices that receive regular updates via the internet. 
  • Sage 100 Cloud provides excellent integration with Microsoft Office 365 solutions, which will allow you to derive more benefits within both systems.
  • Sage 100 Cloud receives routine updates and new additions that result in improved user experience and better functionalities. 

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