QuickBooks Hosting With gotomyerp is the Ultimate Choice

Published November 19, 2020
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QuickBooks is not a new phenomenon in the world of accounting and finance. The software has been a game-changer for small and medium-scale businesses across the globe. Over the last few years, the software has evolved in a multitude of ways to help business owners manage their finances on their own.  

In the midst of all this, gotomyerp has emerged as a winning QuickBooks hosting provider that prioritizes client requirements, customer services, and customization!  

Here’s why the company is your number-one choice when it comes to QuickBooks hosting: 


Customer support is vital if dealing with software and other IT-related tasks isn’t a part of your everyday operations. It would help if you had the right tools, product knowledge, resources, and training for starters to get the hang of the software. You need access to a team that can address your queries and helps you troubleshoot any issues. It’s also imperative that your service provider helps you timely since any lags can lead to a lot of downtime for businesses. Businesses can’t afford to put their core operations on the back burner just because the software has stopped working 

This is where gotomyerp takes the lead. The company offers QuickBooks support in the following three ways: 

Customer Portal  

Gotomyerp has a specialized engineering and sales team to help their existing customers get through the day. Each customer has a unique email address and password through which they can address the portal and speak to the team. If they forget the credentials or are unable to log in, they can submit a support ticket on the same landing page, and the team will get back to them.  


This service is not limited to gotomyerp customers. The company’s website features a list of comprehensive QuickBooks-related topics that help users understand the software’s dynamics well. Once you visit the page, you will find well-defined tutorials, step-by-step guidelines, and videos. The knowledge base answers your questions regarding SLAs, managing your company, application help, and connectivity issues. Whether you want to test connectivity for Filebridge using Telnet or wish to set a hosted application to always open on a specific screen, the knowledge base is your treasure chest.  

Other commonly discussed topics include improving the performance of your QuickBooks company file, cleanup Filebridge configuration, rebuilding and verifying QuickBooks company file, incorrect email sizes, screen resolution issues, and workstation setup configuration. 

Support Portal  

This portal has been designed to help gotomyerp users download patches, updates, and other information to keep the software running. The support portal also features a community forum where users can interact, ask questions, and help each other out. You don’t always have to ask a question. You can simply browse through the discussions and see if they benefit you.  

This portal is also where the company posts important announcements, employee and customer guidelines, and essential articles. If one of the articles doesn’t address your query and you still need an answer, you can also drop them a support ticket here.  

Something for Everyone  

When it comes to QuickBooks, there is no fit-for-all model. Businesses differ in terms of their scale, size, the number of employees, nature of work, and the number of consumers. The representatives at gotomyerp would be glad to discuss your needs and recommend a QuickBooks variant with the right specifications. The company’s most sought-after QuickBooks variants are as follows: 

QuickBooks Pro  

This is the most basic version of the software that is mostly used by startups and SMEs. It caters to up to 3 users and supports data file sizes up to 150 to 200 MB. QuickBooks Pro helps you create purchase orders, track expenses, generate one-click reports, track inventory, and import data from third-party apps such as Excel, Outlook, and Quicken. If you opt for a hosting service, your users can access QuickBooks Pro anywhere and everywhere. The software also supports credit card payments and seamlessly integrates those values into financial statements.  

QuickBooks Premier  

QuickBooks Premier is a more advanced version and supports up to 5 users at a time. The supported data file size is between 150 and 200 MB. Although this version has most features that are common to QuickBooks Pro, there are some additional benefits as well. Unlike QuickBooks Pro, this version helps you create business plans, forecast sales, track fixed assets, and create reports with QuickBooks statement writer.  

QuickBooks Enterprise 

This version of QuickBooks is mostly suitable for medium and large-scale enterprises since it supports as many as 30 users at a time. Data file size also goes up to 1 GB. Unlike the other two versions, QuickBooks Enterprise helps you automate or customize prices. This version also facilitates individual user permissions with far more advanced options than the other two variants. With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can also set your preferred rate for credit card payments. QuickBooks Enterprise also allows you to scan barcodes without add-ons and have pre-defined user roles.  

One of the biggest advantages of working with gotomyerp is that you get to scale up as your business expands. You don’t have to choose any QuickBooks hosting provider to change your version if you’ve hired a couple more accountants. If you’re unsure about the right QuickBooks version for your business, gotomyerp also allows you a free test drive so you can make the right decision.  

At gotomyerp, we plan to be a lot more than your QuickBooks hosting providers. We aim to be your strategic partners in the long run. That’s why we offer a holistic suite of QuickBooks-related services, ranging from customer support to maintenance and updates. Other than QuickBooks hosting, the company also specializes in Sage cloud hosting. To learn more about our products and services, feel free to drop us a message online.