Why Businesses Need QuickBooks Hosting in 2022

Published November 24, 2022
quickbooks hosting for 2022 small medium enterprises

In an increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment, the availability of data is a fundamental determinant of organizational success. As the role of data becomes increasingly pronounced throughout the commercial landscape, we see that more businesses are investing in automated data management systems to keep up. Lately, cloud-hosted data management platforms have come to the forefront to help business owners keep track of a wide range of metrics and processes, including accounts, inventory, payroll, and more.

Among the many cloud-hosted solutions available in the market, QuickBooks is one of the more popular cloud-hosted data management solutions on the market. Designed primarily for small and medium-sized businesses, it occupies 80% of the entire market share for cloud-hosting data management solutions with 29 million clients. As QuickBooks continues to innovate and contribute to enterprise efficiency, this trend will likely continue for a long time.

Why QuickBooks for the Year 2022?

Part of the reason why QuickBooks is so successful is the cloud-hosting capabilities that offer equally as brilliant performance as when you host it in your offices. With remote access functions, easy integration with existing technology, and remote technical support, QuickBooks lets you work from anywhere at all with minimal interruptions and efficiency losses.

Never before have these advantages been more relevant than in 2022 as we go through a worldwide pandemic and into choppy economic waters. For a small business, in particular, having real-time access to data and a system that allows you to work from home can keep you going even when you’re shut in. So, let’s contextualize the advantages of using QuickBooks cloud-hosting for 2022, given the problems all businesses will face this year.

Remote Working Capabilities

QuickBooks cloud-hosting essentially allows you to work from anywhere you like. Considering the rate at which we’re moving towards social distancing, almost all of us will need to stop going out—even for work.

Delivery services, in particular, are thriving during the Coronavirus outbreak, and business owners in this sector can still manage all the relevant sales, inventory, and accounts information using QuickBooks from virtually any location.

Access to Real-Time Data

Anyone who’s running a business right now will tell you that the uncertainty from the Coronavirus is making it difficult to make business decisions. Undoubtedly, greater flexibility and responsiveness is the only way that any business can stay on top of the barrage of information that makes it challenging to decide on a plan of action. What you need is a way to organize and analyze all the data coming in—as it comes in—to see what your next move will be.

When you’re working with cloud-hosted QuickBooks, you can integrate your various data management software into a central mainframe to see how each facet of your business is operating. Whether it’s inventory, sales, or finances— QuickBooks will keep you updated on all the changes almost instantaneously.

Data Forecasting

One of the most useful tools installed in QuickBooks is the reporting and forecasting function that can give you detailed analyses of various business variables. The underlying programming makes use of all financial modeling principles that an accountant knows—in many ways rendering an accounting team redundant.

These reports are generated from the data that QuickBooks collects throughout the day as it’s sent from the various departments in your organization. All you have to do is ask QuickBooks to present you with the latest reports, and will generate them within seconds.

Greater Data Security and Safety

Given the recent rise in cybercrime targeted toward commercial data, all businesses need to take added measures to prevent the theft of data. While you can host QuickBooks with servers on your premise, it might not be feasible to keep 24-hour technical support and network security teams in the office.

Nearly all QuickBooks cloud-hosting service uses some of the best network security you can find. Commonly used security measures you’ll find are:

  • DDoS
  • End-to-End Data Encryption
  • Firewalls
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Anti-virus and malware systems

These measures eliminate the need for a network security team that would have to be present on location to manage any security threats. Additionally, since you’re not housing your servers, your hosting service will also take care of all physical threats to the system and overcome any crashes, thefts, or other events that might lead to data losses.

Investing in QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for 2022

Cloud technology has changed the way we see businesses. Now businesses can operate from different centers and are defined not by their location—but rather by the coordinated efforts of each center that’s delivering a service or product. In a time when nearly everyone is concerned about their health and safety, this decentralization is nothing short of a blessing that can help your business thrive while keeping your employees safe.

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