The What and Why of Countries Providing Remote Work Visas, AKA Digital Nomad Visas

Published June 9, 2021
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Are you someone who wishes to work around the world? With so many countries offering digital nomad visas, it has become possible to relocate for work

Some countries, like Barbados and Bermuda, have rolled out remote visa programs for incoming job seekers, while other destinations, such as Germany, have provided these services for many years. In the wake of the pandemic and work-from-home policies, digital nomad visas allow you to travel and work remotely simultaneously. It’s an exciting way to kick-start the career of your dreams.

Companies like Facebook, Spotify, Uber, Twitter, and Google have allowed employees to work remotely through 2021. Moreover, they’re increasingly seeking fresher talent through hybrid means, such as getting digital nomads on board. With the opportunity to work from anywhere, workers are excited to ditch the nuisance of traveling to the workplace.

Let’s dig deeper and learn more about digital nomad visas, AKA remote work visas.

Benefits of Digital Work Visas

With remote work visas, countries are now eager to employ digital nomads and have realized the importance of digital means of hiring new candidates. Companies are actively targeting remote workers as it cuts costs and gives them a competitive advantage. By attracting digital nomads, companies can diversify their talent hunt and become more powerful in terms of employee experience and expertise.

Digital nomad visas are extremely helpful for people with a knack for wanderlust. They can work while traveling and enjoy new destinations, all while working for an organization without quitting their local, permanent job.

This process has also impacted local economies in various ways. It has outweighed taxation requirements and has captured more talent inside borders. From small garage stores to pubs and multinationals, businesses operating in various industries now offer “remote work” options with stellar benefits and attractive perks.

Top Countries Offering Remote Work Visas in 2021

The top countries that are offering remote work visas include:

  • Estonia
  • Barbados
  • Dubai 
  • Georgia
  • Bermuda
  • Croatia
  • Cayman Islands
  • Antigua

Requirements for Getting a Nomad Work Visa

Every country offering a digital nomad visa has requirements that you must fulfill to obtain a remote work visa. For example, most destinations require the job seeker to be over eighteen years of age, along with a personal ID, proof of health, and insurance.

Additionally, it’s important to prove that you can bear the expenses associated with working at a particular location as a digital nomad. Some countries might ensure it by stating minimum salary requirements, while others might require you to have a certain amount deposited in your bank account.

Tips for Becoming a Digital Nomad

Most countries offering remote work visas have some of the best travel spots. Replete with beautiful beaches and exotic sights, these destinations attract tourists like none other. This also plays a vital part in attracting job seekers willing to work remotely.

Here are some tips for you if you wish to embark on a digital work journey:

  • Try reducing or eliminating your debt
  • Sign up for a credit monitoring service
  • Buy an unlocked smartphone without restrictions of a particular cellular service
  • Make a Skype ID
  • Rent or sell your permanent home and get a storage area for your belongings
  • Get your hands on a credit card that doesn’t charge an international fee
  • Network with people around the globe via platforms like LinkedIn

Role of Cloud-Hosted Services in Helping Organizations Hire Digital Nomads

Companies operating in countries offering digital nomad visas can make telecommuters work better with higher efficiency by adopting automated tools and techniques.

business hiring digital nomads must try to overcome the challenges of hiring remote workers. Cyber security threats, data breaches, inconsistent communication, and hindered teamwork are the most common remote work challenges. It’s important that businesses shift to digital practices right away.

While remote digital nomadism started as a popular phenomenon for programmers, it’s slowly seeping into every field. Businesses can engage with and hire talented people worldwide and avail of cloud-hosted services to streamline and optimize their operations.

With a cutting-edge cloud-hosted software tool like QuickBooks, SAP, or Sage, businesses can stay on top of dealing with remote workers in real time.

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