Technology Trends For The Accounting Industry For 2022 And Beyond

Published December 14, 2021
technology trends for accounting industry

The accounting industry has seen its fair share of disruption with the advent of cloud computing, automation, software as a service (SaaS), and other digital trends. As a result, accounting professionals must understand how to use technology to their advantage and be comfortable with it. By using it, they can increase their efficiency, improve productivity and maintain a competitive edge.

Rise of Clouds-Based Accounting Services

2021 has been a good year for the accounting industry, given the technological innovation being adopted everywhere. This has led to a changing landscape in terms of software solutions for several industries, including accounting. It is expected that by 2022, it would be standard practice for every accounting firm to use cloud-based accounting systems for running their business, which had previously remained confined to large firms only.

Cloud-based accounting software solutions such as QuickBooks are hosted by vendors on their servers, accessible through the web, instead of being installed locally on users’ machines. Applications of this kind have numerous advantages, including reducing upfront expenditures on software licenses by eliminating the need to install software on every employee’s computer.

This software also helps save time and free up your finance team to focus on core business activities rather than monotonous routine processes, which is critical when it comes to staying compliant with the ever-changing accounting rules.

Rise of Data Analytics

The global accounting services market, currently worth more than $544 billion, faces a period of disruption, and accountants need to become more dynamic. Accountants and bookkeepers need to become experts in fields other than just accounting and tax law.

With the advent of artificial intelligence and business intelligence, accounting firms must make data analytics a focal point for growth as data analytics can help improve their performance and reduce costs.

Accounting is no longer just about numbers. There is a focus on making sense of the data to provide useful insights to clients and help them make better decisions.

To become a data analytics leader in the accounting industry, you must align your business strategy to the current trends in data analytics. Analytics are generating high-value insights that are helping companies make better decisions. The information acquired by businesses can help them make better decisions for their operations and future growth. By offering these services, firms will be able to charge premium prices from consumers and stay relevant in an era where artificial intelligence threatens to take overjobs, including those of accountants.

Rise of Blockchain Technology

With the rise of blockchain technology, accounting is on a whole new level. The security and transparency of blockchain make it a prime candidate for accounting use cases. Blockchain technology is changing the way accounting firms operate. Big companies are now investing in this technology to ensure an accurate, reliable, and transparent record of their transactions.

New Client Acquisition Through Technology

Technology has enabled firms to offer an array of services-from finding new clients to servicing existing ones. Through technology, accountants can make their expertise easily accessible to consumers across various industries. Accountants are also no longer limited by the potential clientele in their geographic catchment areas. Today they can reach more people than ever through the digital medium, thereby enhancing client acquisition and client retention efforts. Through digital marketing on social media, accountants can attract more businesses to their companies.

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