How Secure is My Data With gotomyerp

highly secure gotomyerp
You might be wondering how secure your data will be with gotomyerp. Data you save to the cloud is far more secure than it is on your own hard drive. We build in recovery, redundancy and fail over from the beginning and we keep gotomyerp servers in their own isolated environment to prevent performance and security problems. With gotomyerp we don’t connect to your on-premise’s infrastructure. We choose the optimal location for your server to reside in the region best suited for your operations. So any risks we manage for you remain in an isolated environment which is constantly monitored and under our control. Also, all of gotomyerp’s servers are on private networks which are not accessible from the outside world. gotomyerp’s servers can only be accessed through our secured gateways thereby providing a higher level of security, and by our technicians ensuring that your system will work well.

With gotomyerp you’ll keep your business safe and secure.