5 Reasons Why Sage is the Best Choice for Cloud Accounting in 2022

Published October 28, 2022
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Thanks to the development of computing technologies, modern-day businesses, CPAs and bookkeepers can enjoy a truly great choice of powerful accounting software tools. And, with wide implementation of cloud solutions, they no longer need to face all the limitations of traditional on-premise software, being able to access bookkeeping systems remotely both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

When it comes to selecting a specific accounting software solution, however, it can be a fairly difficult choice to make, considering how many strong products are there on the market. 

Sage cloud accounting tools are not as widely used compared to QuickBooks cloud products, which are also provided by gotomyerp and are implemented by a large number of businesses in the U.S. and worldwide. But Sage has a number of strengths and advantages over its competition that includes QuickBooks enterprise solutions as well as Xero, Wave, SAP and others. In fact, Sage is one of the most innovative and flexible bookkeeping systems on the market, which is why the number of organizations migrating to Sage cloud hosting solutions is increasingly growing year after year.

Here are five key strengths of Sage in the cloud that, in our opinion, make this product a top accounting system that stands out from the other cloud-based accounting hosting solutions. 

User-friendly interface and ease of use 

Sage is one of the most user-friendly and easy to use accounting solutions. Thanks to a simple interface, Sage can be used even by individuals who are not accountants and don’t have much bookkeeping experience. Sage also provides a large variety of tutorials and training materials available online, making it easy for new users to learn how to utilize the software and/or fix potential problems. 

Multiple customizable editions

The availability of several different versions of Sage, both for on-premise deployment and cloud-hosted, with varying feature selection and customizability options for individual users is another major strength of Sage. Having three main editions of the Sage platform makes the system suitable for both small businesses/individual professionals and large enterprises. 

The three main Sage cloud hosting packages are: 

  • Sage 50 

Sage 50 Cloud is a modern cloud accounting solution optimized for small businesses. It provides a core set of capabilities, including payment workflows, customer management and financial reporting, as well as premium features, such as detailed profitability tracking, cash flow forecasting and custom reporting. 

  • Sage 100 

Sage 100 is a comprehensive platform tailored for small or mid-sized businesses and public sector organizations that require advanced features and app modules to manage their accounting processes efficiently. Sage 100 delivers a streamlined platform able to support the most complex workflows in logistics, purchasing and inventory management.

  • Sage 300

Developed to match the requirements of medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, Sage 300 Cloud allows professional and business services sector users to manage multiple businesses, assets and investment projects with maximum productivity. License comes with local and international support through an extensive business partner network.

Low subscription prices/affordability 

It’s safe to say that Sage is one of the most affordable accounting solutions currently on the market. Sage offers a strong selection of modern features and supports large-scale accounting operations while being available to businesses of all sizes at a lower cost compared to alternatives. With cloud hosting platforms such as gotomyerp and customizability offered by the Sage platform, customers are also able to select and pay for only those product components, features and computing resources that they currently need, scaling their use any time when required to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Strong cybersecurity protection 

The developers of Sage also put effort into making their product as protected as possible, providing a wide choice of multi-level cybersecurity and data protection capabilities. Which are amplified by gotomyerp’s own arsenal of cyber protection tools and our great above all attention to keeping the data of our clients safe and secure. As an example, in order to protect cloud accounts and data from hackers and other unauthorized users, gotomyerp leverages a combination of flexible access control techniques, such as multi-factor authentication and custom password policies. All inbound and outbound data transmissions to gotomyerp’s cloud servers are encrypted, protecting data that may be intercepted along the way. Additionally, we utilize a multi-layer network of cloud-based firewalls to provide all-inclusive, integrated and automated protection against malware, malicious traffic of various kinds, and other threats. 

Well-designed technical features and capabilities 

Technical features and the way they are designed/developed and function is another major strength of Sage 50 and other cloud-hosted editions of the Sage platform. Specifically, Sage has a pretty strong reporting component. Reports in Sage are well-customizable both in terms of the data they should include and the frequency of report generation. Users are able to receive monthly, quarterly or yearly reports, but the solution is also able to create comparative reports for two different accounting periods, as well as other types of reports focused on business performance indicators or other important metrics. Convenient and powerful inventory management features is another known advantage of Sage.  

Why to use gotomyerp’s Sage cloud hosting? 

gotomyerp’s Sage Cloud portfolio comprises a handful of subscription plans and custom configurations for accounting professionals, self-employed entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes. Our team of Sage experts with years of hands-on Sage products experience are able to provide guidance and support at every stage of Sage implementation in the cloud or assist with migrating an on-premise accounting infrastructure to our highly protected and optimized for maximum performance cloud environment.

We are also extremely attentive to the process of backing up and restoring data of our clients. When most cloud hosting providers offer basic reserve copying of client’s data on a schedule, gotomyerp takes it several steps further, providing a selection of backups to fit every possible recovery scenario you may require. Same is true for hardware upgrades and software updates. We are religiously focused on upgrading and updating our infrastructure in a timely manner. 

Ready to migrate your Sage applications to gotomyerp’s Sage hosting platform?