The Collaboration, Security, and Mobility Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

Published November 20, 2022
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Cloud-hosted data management solutions have enabled more advantages than we could have imagined. While most of these solutions were available to people in their offices, cloud computing has made running a business far more convenient than ever before. When we look at the advantages of cloud-hosting QuickBooks, it’s almost like carrying your entire business in your pocket.

While QuickBooks is one of the best business data management software in the market, it introduces new possibilities for collaboration and mobility. Additionally, third-party cloud hosting service providers offer one of the widest ranges of security protocols to keep your data safe. Fortunately, these security protocols have held so far from the barrage of cyberattacks businesses face every year.

Why Cloud Hosting for Businesses?

With the introduction of cloud-based solutions for businesses, we’ve seen that businesses have typically become much more efficient. The dynamics of the industry and the adoption rates for cloud-based solutions speak volumes about their efficacy. As of 2018, nearly 77% of all businesses around the world were using cloud solutions in their operations. These numbers are expected to rise significantly over the next few years.

There are plenty of reasons why cloud solutions are this popular. Some more notable ones are:

  • Cost reductions because you don’t have to invest in infrastructure or human resources
  • Most cloud solutions have unlimited scalability and can be expanded depending on the client’s needs
  • Data organization improvements and easier disaster recovery

Research indicates that expected innovation in cloud-computing technology will only enhance the rates of technology uptake with nearly a six times increase in adoption rates. Among the various sectors of the economy, cloud-based solutions are particularly prominent with SMEs. Pushed along with the introduction of cloud-hosted QuickBooks, we’ve seen that small and medium-sized enterprises have become efficient and much easier to manage.

What Does Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks Have to Offer?

Besides offering the advantages of all cloud-based data management solutions, QuickBooks adds some extra benefits that you’re unlikely to find in any other product. Fundamentally, QuickBooks adds value based on these three factors:

  • Greater room for collaboration
  • A greater degree of mobility
  • State-of-the-art security features

Collaboration Advantages Offered by QuickBooks Hosting

Higher adoption rates for cloud-based technology have made organizations flexible and versatile. You don’t have to walk into your workplace to get work done—you can just as well access the cloud to see what needs to be done. QuickBooks takes it a step further by also allowing people to access files and documents to work together simultaneously.

So it doesn’t matter where your workforce is located as long as they have an internet connection and the appropriate authorization. With these functions, it becomes easier to remotely manage teams, improve on your outsourced project outcomes, and allow your employees to work in comfort.

Mobility Advantages

The cloud refers to a database that people can access without any wires providing a direct connection. Cloud-hosted QuickBooks services allow your employees to access the organization’s database from anywhere in the world. With this technology, it’s easier to let people work from home, manage any work-related problems from virtually any location, and get access to detailed analysis reports whenever you like.

Incidentally, QuickBooks is one of the most user-friendly cloud-hosted data management software in the market. The software can be integrated with different devices—something you won’t find with other hosted solutions. You can access your business’s database with your phone or tablet without losing out on the functionality offered by QuickBooks.

The Security Features Used in QuickBooks Hosting

Considering the recent rise in the frequency of cybercrimes throughout the world, QuickBooks cloud hosting service providers have stepped up their game. At gotomyerp, a large part of our services involves keeping your data safe from all possible threats. Some of the ways we prevent data breaches include:

  • Diverted Denial of Service Protection
  • End-to-End Data Encryption
  • Multiple firewalls to prevent unauthorized access
  • 24-hour support to keep your database running
  • Physical protection to keep the servers safe
  • Routine maintenance to extend the longevity of the hardware and software

Need Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks?

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