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Accelerate the pace of business with GoToMyERP and discover a whole new way of doing business with our new Sage 100 in the Cloud. We offer secure anytime, anywhere, any device access to your Sage 100 Cloud and Sage 100 Enterprise solution. Enable your team by working together. Easily.

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Choose Sage 100 Cloud Solution. The easiest way to GoGlobal.

With our Sage 100 Cloud + Sage 100 Enterprise you get the best in-class enterprise business management software, plus the convenience being globally connected. Easy, flexible and 100% Sage 100 Cloud.

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Easy Access to Sage 100 Cloud from any device.

Use a Mac? PC? Tablet? No problem. Sage 100 Cloud Enterprise just works. Whatever device work best for you. Go!

Sage Cloud

Getting started with Sage 100 Cloud is easy.

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How Do We Start with Sage 100 Cloud?
  1. If you don’t currently own Sage 100, ask our team to help acquire the right version for your business OR;
  2. Bring Your Own License
  3. Sign up for Hosting Service by calling (877) 888-5525.
    1. We will advise you on the process of cloud hosting with GoToMyERP for the optimal performance of your Sage Solutions and any Third Party system you use.
  4. In order to make sure this is an ideal solution for your business we perform a simple evaluation and if everything’s okay, it’s time to go to work.
  5. That’s it. Your cloud-hosted Sage software will be set up and ready to use!
Does Hosting with GoToMyERP Improve the Experience of Using Sage?

Absolutely. Better than any local machine.  With all your critical applications and data hosted on optimally tuned servers you can expect solid performance and much better overall performance. With our GoMobile, GoGlobal  access, you and your team can connect anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Simply gain access via the web application and log in with your user ID and password. Your Sage system will be ready for you to use, just as if it were running on your PC. There’s virtually nothing new to learn because the software looks and works just like it does on your local environment.

Enterprise-Class Reliability

Your ERP, CRM, WMS or other critical applications are hosted on high-performance dedicated server instances to provide enterprise-class reliability to businesses.  Without limitations on space and performance – GoToMyERP’s systems are designed to be flexible while you make your business successful.

What Does "Hosting" Mean?

“Hosting” is another way of saying that your Sage software and data are running, maintained and stored (“hosted”) on an server in a secure enterprise-level facility, and not at your office on a PC, local or co-located server that you maintain. Access and work with your Sage system from any current Windows, Mac , iOS, or Android based device at nearly any location with a good quality connection to the internet.

What is Sage 100 Cloud powered by GoToMyERP?

It’s an additional service provided by authorized Sage Hosting Providers – like GoToMyERP.  Intuit assesses and approves, standards and performance.

It is for licensed holders of Sage 100, or any Sage software.  But not to worry, if you need it we can help you get it too, we’re Intuit Premier Resellers too.

Our service allows anyone authorized by you to to access your Sage environment,  software and company data from just about any internet-connected device. Work anywhere, anytime – GoMobile, GoGlobal.

Is Sage 100 Support Included?

Yes, all our plans include support for our environment and diagnostic level support for all applications.  Our global team of experts is able to customize and directly support of just about any application from Sage.  Give us a call and let us know what you have and how we can help.

Is Sage Cloud EASY to Use?

Your team simply launches our portal just like any web page, that’s it!  With secure credentials, each member of your team logs in with their own username and password.  Everything your team needs is there and ready to use and they look and work exactly the same.


We protect your hosted data with encrypted transmission, firewalls, multi-layer access controls, and encrypted backups. Other security measures are available, just ask us.

Continuity Planning and Sage 3rd Party Trusts

Business Continuity Planning by GoToMyERP. Engineered to help you recover access to your data or entire environment if something were to happen to your office or you felt the need for additional accessibility. Your critical system are retained safely and accessible when you need them. Additionally, we work with all 3rd Party Trusting facilities to ensure your direct access to your data. Ask us for more detail.

Beyond Back Ups

We don’t just backup your data nightly, we image the whole environment and every server included.  This assures us we can recover changes you may have made to other critical information, system settings or recently applied update.  The systems are replicated and made available at other data centers for recovery scenarios beyond just backing up your data.

Can I Get a Copy of My Data?

Yes. As a part of our continuity planning we ask you if you’d prefer additional redundancy of your data or systems. Just ask us how.

A Low-Touch Environment

With GoToMyERP running your applications, you will decrease the need for on site servers and minimize IT related costs while increasing security, stability and performance.

Provisioning or Upfront Costs. Are these Included?

Your environment is custom no matter the size of your organization or number of applications needed to support your operations.  We tailor each environment to exactly what is needed and assist all of your team members during the onboarding and go-live process. Provisioning or setup costs may be necessary depending on the complexity of your solution, but normally nothing’s needed. Just ask, we’ll help minimize this too.

Getting started with Sage 100 Cloud is easy.

Call us at (877) 888-5525

Expert Sage Support Included!

We provide end-to-end support for Sage 100 and for all your 3rd Party Applications like StarShip, TrueCommerceJobops
 and BizNet and more. Questions answered completely with exclusive access to the Sage technical support team.  All the help you need.  Just ask, we’ll help.  Our support team welcomes all your questions to make your day a little simpler.  Our experts are trained in Sage 100 and nearly all 3rd Party Solutions. All your systems in one managed environment with during or after installation, answer your technical questions, or help troubleshoot. Call us if you need us.

Backups, Recovery, Redundancy, Technology.

When you use  Sage 100 with GoToMyERP all your systems and data are backed up automatically with scheduled maintenance every night.  And there’s more! Every night during our regular maintenance you get fresh hardware running your business along with redundancy across our Global Data Centers. We’re here for you.

Upgrades, Updates and Maintenance.

Of course this is included. Whenever a new version of Sage 100 is available we automatically schedule time to perform that upgrade for you after hours.9  Along with any updates or maintenance required – we make sure that you’re always running the latest version with all the features and enhancements you’re paying for.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure.

Sage Cloud by GoTomyERP offers a flexible and easy pay-as-you-go alternative to the investment of dollars it usually takes to set up the network, servers and redundancy required to run your business.  GoMobile, GoGlobal with an Enterprise Class infrastructure at an affordable price.

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Sage 100 Cloud

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Get Started with Sage Cloud. Collaborate with your team anywhere, anytime access. GoMobile, GoGlobal.


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Excellent solution that allows All 3rd Party Solutions in harmony, supported and no limits on performance.



Highest level response time and best pricing possible with Annual and Multi-Year Relationship to support your business.

Your Own Private Network
Dedicated Servers
Enterprise-Class Security & Redundancy
FileBridge Rapid File Share1
Updates, Upgrades & Maintenance2
Sage 100 Application Support
Sage 100 Licenses Available7,10
Sage Authorized Consultants
Bring Your Own License
SKD Embedded Enhancements Welcome3
All 3rd Party Software Welcome3,8
Synchronized and API Integration Welcome3,8
Best Pricing Multi-Year Relationships6

Extra Security

Enjoy peace of mind with automatic data backups, and redundancy behind-the-scenes maintenance.

24/7 Support

Sage 100 Supported by Sage Authorized Consultants and provide exceptional friendly support.

Set up. Easy.

We’re ready now. Upload your data
and go. We help you every step of the way. Easy.

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1 Current Sage Maintenance Plan required.
2 Included for Sage 100 Customers aligned with GoToMyERP. Contact for Details.
3 Requires a 3rd party subscription which we can provide.
4 Users. 5 Minimum Requirement on All Plans.
5 FileBridge is a secure file transfer system between your desktop and your hosted environment.
6 Up to 15% Discount is available.
7 ERP Solutions is a Sage Authorized Reseller
8 2nd Application 1st user is priced as 2 users. Synchronized apps are billed as 1 user per app.
9 With Sage Reseller of Record.
10 MS SQL is available at GOLD Plan pricing per user per app.