Intuit’s Solutions: QuickBooks for Construction & Contractors

Published November 17, 2020
quickbooks cloud hosting for construction businesses

The construction industry is a fast-paced workplace that needs an integrated system to improve workflow and productivity. QuickBooks‘ user-centric features make it a favorable option for the construction industry, which can benefit greatly from software that meets industry-specific needs. Suppose your company isn’t using an integrated system and relies on various applications for performing different tasks in the age of digitization. In that case, valuable data and information can be lost in the scattered processes.

Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, prides itself on innovating management software that can provide best-in-class features to enhance business operations in any industry. Some industry-specific solutions that QuickBooks provides for contractors and the construction industry are:

Customizable Reporting Features

Ensuring your team is on the same page is crucial in deciding a way forward for your construction business enterprise. Preparing solid reports highlighting job costs and cash flow can ensure that your teams remain updated with all the essential information.

QuickBooks provides customizable features to improve the text and presentation of your invoices, business plans, and spreadsheets to help them stand out in the crowd. This can be very useful for contractors and construction companies who wish to add their logos and other documents.

Developing Accurate Estimates

A crucial task in the construction business is creating an estimate for future assignments. Inaccurate job costing can lead to mismanagement onsite, unhappy clients, and losses for the company. QuickBooks can help you develop accurate forecasts according to the job at hand in no time.

You can move from an initial estimate to a professional cost to help you manage other tasks efficiently. Simply go to the homepage and select estimates. Assign costs to the items entered and write a quantity and rate. Write a dollar markup amount in the markup column to get a more precise amount. With these straightforward steps, you can create an error-free estimate for your clients.

Creating Payrolls in a Snap

Employee satisfaction is one of the key pillars of a successful enterprise. If you fail to pay your employees on time, many may move on, leaving you in legal trouble. If you don’t want the inefficiencies in payroll generation to ruin your business, get QuickBooks to pay your workers on time. With QuickBooks-assisted payroll, you can generate unlimited checks and W-2s on your own. It also allows you to file payroll taxes without an additional monthly fee. QuickBooks-assisted payroll generation can take care of your payment woes on time, eliminating the room for human error.

Better Collaboration

between sales and support Internal alignment can make or break your business. Gaps in communication can lead to poor collaboration, incurring huge debts and losses for your business. QuickBooks conveniently solves this common problem by syncing to Salesforce CRM. The shared data between your sales and support team can enhance their communication, leading to improved customer service. Happy clients mean hefty profits. By installing QuickBooks, you can generate sales orders and invoices to deal with clients faster and more efficiently.

Wide User Access and Connections

QuickBooks is a management software for your entire team. With the capacity to entertain up to 40 users, the software allows your team members to access reports and files from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re working from the field or your home, you can see what your team is doing with Field Service Management. Other features of QuickBooks, like the TSheets Elite, can get mobile time tracking when your team members are on the construction site.

Easy to Use

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of QuickBooks is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to know how to operate it. Its accessible applications can help you generate invoices, put together reports, and run other business operations smoothly at your fingertips. Auto-filled templates can also help you save time and reduce manual record-keeping. This respite from performing the physical tasks of checking and maintaining inventory can give your employees free time to innovate and devise better work plans.

Exceptional Data Capacity

One of the growing business markers is its expanding list of customers, clients, and vendors. If your construction business is growing every day, kudos to you! Save the data with the cloud-storage services from QuickBooks. You won’t have to worry about hardware stores and can save money by keeping all crucial information in cloud storage.

Get Help From Trusted QuickBooks Hosting Providers

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