Cloud Adoption Plan

Published January 11, 2023
cloud hosting services vendor for SMBs

A move to the cloud gives you the opportunity to gain insights into your business so that your investments become more effective. But before you jump the gun, you’ll want to make sure that you have an adoption plan that adequately provides you with well-managed costs and achieves appropriate expectations with reasonable value. To start with, consider what your business does and how your technology currently supports it. Once you have a clear picture, think about which parts of your business are aligned the best to enable you to develop your cloud adoption strategy.

This thought exercise should include 3 fundamental elements: your physical infrastructureyour IT infrastructure; and finally, the current business cycle you’re in.

gotomyerp’s Cloud Hosting Adoption Plan offers the best practices and simple guidance to move an organization to cloud computing simply, safely, and easily no matter the size of the entity. From micro, small, mid-sized, and large businesses to enterprises, our team of experts makes switching to the cloud a breeze.

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