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Top Lessons to Learn From the WFH Business Model

Before the pandemic struck the globe, remote working practices were common in various industries. In 2020, all non-essential businesses rolled out temporary and permanent work-from-home policies to keep their employees safe and business profitable. It’s still unclear what the new normal will look like in the post-pandemic world, but one thing’s for sure: remote work is here to stay. […]

cloud migration for small medium businesses

4 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration

A streamlined IT infrastructure is critical in every organization and consists of a strategic combination of public cloud, private cloud, and customary IT systems. An IDG cloud computing survey revealed that over 70% of leading IT decision-makers report that migrating data to the cloud is an efficient way to optimize an IT unit. While embracing the cloud may be […]

cloud computing for remote work for small medium businesses

Cloud Computing in the Post COVID-19 World

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, several players across various industries have dived into the deep sea of digital transformation. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nanobots, and several other technologies have helped millions of businesses stay up and running amidst the pandemic. And among all these technologies, cloud computing has been an unprecedented forerunner. The […]

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Top 4 Technologies That Will Transform the Future of Business

Developing technologies are going to outline the most prosperous companies of tomorrow. The question remains, which tech tools will offer and distribute the highest value? From big research groups like Deloitte and KPMG to small businesses, every industry player is hyping emerging technologies and their role in advancing business processes. The disruptive technological trend in the present day […]

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Top Inventory Management Tips You Must Know

Inventory management is a critical part of a company’s productivity. Not being able to administer, predict, control, and oversee inventory-related issues and tasks leads to fulfillment inefficiencies, angry customers, and dissatisfied clients. It also results in high inventory management costs, extensive time loss, and employee fatigue. Managing inventory is about achieving the sweet spot between too […]

sage cre for construction and real estate

How Moving Sage CRE to the Cloud Can Transform Your Business Operations

A Gartner study shows that the cloud market and its offerings have many potential benefits for a business and is projected to grow at a dramatic pace in the next few years. Moreover, a McAfee report shows that the construction and architectural industry is also showing an inclination toward cloud computing products like Sage CRE for all the right […]