6 Reasons You Need Add-Ons for Your QuickBooks

Published November 14, 2022
quickbooks accounting software for SMBs

Be it small or large, a business needs the workflow to be seamless. From automating inventory management to managing cash flow, you need your accounting tasks to be handled efficiently.

While cloud hosting fulfills many of your accounting needs, there are still some areas to be covered. You need end-to-end accounting solutions if you want your business routine to go on uninterrupted. This is where add-ons come in.

QuickBooks add-ons can make it easy to integrate accounting applications and streamline the billing processes. These third-party applications can make your QuickBooks software much more effective by offering quick solutions for handling payment problems or expense management.

Here’s why you need add-ons to add value to your accounting software.

Payment Methods

Clients often look for payment convenience while choosing a seller to buy from. They don’t want to pay a lump sum amount in one go and will choose a service provider that offers the option of periodic payments. This is why businesses are seeking ways to optimize their payment methods to attract more customers. What enables them to do that are add-ons on QuickBooks.

Applications such as Bill & Pay can help automate the payment process and make it easier to manage. This also updates the balance of invoices punctually and regulates the terms and fees of the payments.

Expense Management

Expense management is always a challenge for businesses that are growing at a fast pace. You can never have enough ways to make this process simpler and quicker. Processing and managing paper receipts manually can be really time-consuming and taxing. You can get rid of this inefficiency by getting QuickBooks add-ons like Expense Watch.

This makes it possible to synchronize credit card payments and update the data in their respective accounts. All you need to do is click on the image of the receipt, and the system will automatically convert it into digital data and send it for approval.


As a flourishing business, you’re always getting more clients. You need to make the process of onboarding as smooth as possible. Integrating add-ons can do that. They not only help manage new clients but also make the delegation of tasks and categorization of workflow easier.

Adobe Business Catalyst also offers the feature of dispatching invoices automatically. Your business can easily evaluate the sales data through graphs and charts that the add-ons will make for you. This enables businesses to always stay on top of their game and see where they rank against their competitors in the market.

You can also cut down noise from customers calling to ask about the availability of services; the system will manage automated appointment bookings.

Stock Management

The most efficient businesses are those that are able to collect all the digital data in one place and in a form that’s quick to comprehend. Lengthy reports and documents just don’t cut. You need statistics, graphs, and charts that condense more information in less space. This is why you need better inventory management as well.

Add-ons offer support tools for stock management that allow you to process sales orders promptly. You can access this information anywhere, anytime, because everything is at your fingertips. You can also track delivery batches in real-time by tracking the serial numbers.

Reduces Documentation

In the digital world, businesses can’t afford to fall behind their competitors. This is why dealing with excessive paperwork and bookkeeping is inefficient. And performing at a sub-par level will not get them anywhere. This is why they need to automate their processes and make their business completely digital.

QuickBooks add-ons can make it easier for businesses to handle large files and store them without stocking up volumes of paper. All the information is accessible because invoices and bills are scanned and attached. This makes account auditing more foolproof; thus, data examination becomes much more convenient, even for external auditors.

Employee Management

If you’re looking for digital solutions for managing employees, QuickBooks add-ons are the way to go. They can transform the delegation of tasks to the workforce and make the processes glitch-free. Applications such as Count Me can keep track of times when employees time in and time out. Another fundamental reason to get add-ons is that it enables the system to function without an internet connection. The time-tracking system works during offline mode as well and ensures that no data is lost.

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