6 Excellent Features of Sage 300 Accounting Software

Published October 23, 2020
sage 300 accounting softwware small medium businesses

Sage 300 Accounting Software is one of the most comprehensive business management solutions out there. With its powerful processing capabilities, the software is able to effectively manage multiple subsidiaries, languages, and currencies at the same time.

Users can also benefit from enhanced automation features and integration of different business functions, including Marketing and Sales, Inventory, Operation, Customer Service, and more. As a scalable solution, Sage 300 is ideal for fast-growing mid-sized companies and large firms. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

1. Extensive Accounting/Finance Applications

Sage 300 accounting software comes with powerful financial tools that can help you effectively manage your firm’s complex finances with ease. Features include automated bank reconciliation, multicurrency compatibility, and flexible transaction processing options.

Ensure full compliance with international accounting standards like GAAP and IFRS with powerful tax reporting mechanisms and automated processes that reduce the chances of human error.

Sage 300 also offers informative dashboards that accurately present financial information in a clear, logical format that allows detailed analytical reporting.

2. Multi-Subsidiary and Global Operations Management

Whether you’re operating as multiple business units, subsidiaries, or related companies, Sage 300 accounting software can help you manage it all. Its accounting capabilities give you the flexibility to report as separate units or as one consolidated company.

Sage 300 Multi-company and Global Operations Management module allow companies to exchange worldwide information and reap the benefits of international insights.

Enhanced visibility into the whole business through real-time tracking allows managers to carry out smarter daily and long-term planning that minimizes risk and maximizes the effectiveness of your decisions.

3. Cost-Effective Supply Chain Management

Minimize waste and deliver growth at each turn when you optimize operations and the distribution process with Sage 300. Sage 300 Operations and Distribution Management modules offer automation and integration capabilities that keep all related departments aligned smoothly. Streamline inventory, warehouse, production, and service departments with Sage 300 to prevent unnecessary delays.

The modules allow users to configure multiple warehouse locations and site customers, so your distribution model is as well-organized as possible, allowing your firm to realize cost efficiencies.

4. Faster Collaboration and Informed Decision-Making

The business intelligence tools within Sage 300 are designed to help users make faster and more informed decisions. Real-time metrics and customizable dashboards ensure managers have access to meaningful insights. These metrics are critical for everyday decision-making as well as long-term strategic planning for the company.

Additionally, since all data and communications are on the cloud, your geographically-dispersed employees can collaborate with each other in a cost-effective manner. Quick information exchange and large teams will help your firm leverage its international foothold.

5. Enhanced Customer Service

With the Sage CRM module, users can synchronize marketing, sales, and customer care activities to provide a better customer experience throughout their journey. Design targeted campaigns, deliver informed cross-sell and up-sell strategies, and ensure better customer service with Sage 300.

When your marketing and sales efforts are driven by informed decisions and business insights, the results are bound to be more productive.

6. Customize and Personalize

Sage 300 is relatively easy to use, with intuitive wizards and a user-friendly interface for straightforward configuration and navigation. Users can add optional fields and customize dashboards according to their roles and requirements.

Despite the simplicity, businesses often require an application hosting service provider to help implement the software. This is even more essential when you’re shifting from another software solution and require secure data migration capabilities and assistance with customization.

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