$65 / month
$89 / month
$139 / month

Starter Plan Buy This Plan

Recommended for:

  • Simple Sage 50 Operations
  • 3rd Party Integrations

SILVER Plan Buy This Plan

Recommended for:

  • Unlimited 3rd Party Applications
  • Higher Performing Servers
  • MS SQL Available

GOLD Plan Buy This Plan

Recommended for:

  • Larger User Base more Power
  • Lots of Complex Apps
  • Fastest Support for all Apps

  Starter Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan
ERP + 1 Additional 3rd Party Solution, Or Same ERP/Different Year 2 No-Limit No-Limit
Web Connected Applications Included (sync no install) 1 2 5
3rd Party Applications
Microsoft Excel
MS SQL not available available
Dedicated Servers and Network Environment
FileBridge Extra Group File Sharing 2GB 500GB 1TB
Instant Server Replacement
Backup Retention 15 Days 15 Days 30 Days
Number of Sage 50 Company Files in Plan* 5 10 15
24/7 Support by Email
Combine User Roles
Direct Application Support for Sage
Updates, Maintenance Included
ERP Upgrades, Migrations Included**
Performance Level 1, Included 2, Included
3, Available Starting @ $400/m
MSSQL: Add $15/User/Month/ as needed
3, Included
4, Available
5, Available

*This does not apply to SAGE 100, 300 or larger systems.
**with Reseller of Record or Purchase of ERP
Prices are per user, per app, per month

"We have a lot of temporary workers, needed to control our costs and do not have dedicated IT. We found the flexibility of hosting QuickBooks made us more effective and we don't have to guess about budget."

Casey Howe, COO - TMS Wellness Group

All this starting at $65/Per User/Mo.

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