Avalara is focused on providing the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way for businesses to address all their statutory sales and use tax requirements.

AvaTax, integrates into your accounting application with a pre-built connector, and automates the entire sales tax management process from rates and jurisdictional assignment, to product and service taxability, to returns and remittance. Because AvaTax has a transactional based pricing model it’s cost effective for businesses of all sizes, and it’s easy to implement.


There are over 14,000 sales tax jurisdictions in North America. AvaTax is always up to date with rates and boundaries, and does the rate assignment for each customer and shipping address, saving time and insuring accuracy. Not only is our system more accurate than doing it manually, it speeds up order entry. No more keeping track of the changing rates every month!


If you have simple product and service taxability, you can easily create your own rules in our tax engine to handle it. If you have difficult taxability, you can map your products and services to the AvaTax System Tax Codes which have fifty state research behind them. Our system also handles exemption certificates… so, wherever you do business, you can be assured that your products and services are being taxed correctly.


Avalara provides a FULL returns service where you simply review a worksheet every month, and approve the amount of tax due to each state or jurisdiction. After you approve the amounts, there will be one draw made to a trust account, and our team of filing professionals will create, file, and remit each individual sales tax return. We guarantee to file on-time, and fill the forms out properly, and provide a full record back to you at the end of the process. This is a huge time saver, and since nobody really likes to do returns, it also alleviates the compliance risk and stress associated with employee or task turnover.


Avalara is a Certified Service Provider for the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, which insures accuracy and significantly reduces audit exposure in over half of all the sales tax collecting states. Avalara is also SAS 70 compliant. It’s the safest and best solution for sales tax management, and if implemented properly significantly reduces your audit risk in all states. It also saves time for your key employees, like CFO’s and Controllers, to work on higher value business building activities, without having to worry that a compliance risk is being handled improperly at an administrative level.

Ease of Hosted Integration with gotomyerp

Avalara has pre-built connectors to most of the major accounting applications and many e-commerce shopping carts. gotomyerp is the only Fully Managed Hosting Provider to allow integration with all products supported by Avatax Integration. Call now and see how we can help manage all your critical applications.

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