Why Businesses Should Migrate their QuickBooks Enterprise to the Cloud

QuickBooks cloud hosting servers

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is the future, which is why many businesses are choosing to shift from on-premises software to hosted software, and QuickBooks is no exception.

QuickBooks is an industry-leading accounting application and a popular choice for small businesses, accounting firms, and accountants. With QuickBooks, businesses manage accounts, payroll, inventory, and other financial data. Here are some reasons why you should migrate your QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud today.

Cost Savings

To run a powerful software program, the IT department must maintain a huge infrastructure for the system which will consume a huge amount of money in servers, storage, and bandwidth and require extra employees for managing the infrastructure. You can save this cost and ensure the best performance money can buy at a fraction of cost by migrating to the cloud. On the cloud, a team will look after the performance of your application 24/7 so that there is no downtime.

Real-Time Data

Businesses need accurate, real-time, and accessible financial data. Having QuickBooks Enterprise hosted in the cloud is an end-to-end cloud accounting solution that provides you with real-time, accurate financial data at all times, with no additional software and hardware.

Increased Security of Data

Data is an important asset of the company, which is why keeping this data secure is extremely crucial. As a business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your data. QuickBooks offers top-of-the-class security features such as backup and restoration, complicated passwords, and user role assignment, which helps keep your data protected.

If you store your data on a cloud-based system, you can rest assured that in case of damage to company premises in incidents such as fire or natural disasters, your data will be safe.

Faster Collaboration and Accessibility

As small business owners, you know that your success lies in achieving a balance of the three C’s: Control, Collaboration, and Communication. With QuickBooks Enterprise in the cloud, you can have all three in one platform. You can easily collaborate with team members to provide more meaningful insights that allow you to make more informed decisions. With QuickBooks in the cloud, you can access your financial data from mobile devices, that can be a huge timesaver for many small businesses.

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Migrate Your QuickBooks Enterprise to the Cloud Today

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