What is Uptime and Why Does It Matter in QuickBooks Hosting?

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QuickBooks hosting is an ideal solution for businesses that need an advanced level of protection and other specialized features to run business operations smoothly. It’s primarily used by accounting firms and departments.  

Initially the desktop version of QuickBooks hosting revolutionized the operations of accounting firms and now its cloud version has improved upon pre-existing benefits.  

However, the uptime and downtime ratio plays a key role in the performance and efficiency of QuickBooks. If not handled properly, It can even harm your business productivity and revenues.   

Although we understand that downtime is inevitable, it can be reduced largely with suitable measures. Read more about the importance of uptime for customer satisfaction and its significance in QuickBooks hosting 

What is Uptime?  

The time where your QuickBooks is continuously running and allows space for usage either on the cloud or your device is known as uptime.  

There are instances where your local hardware setup suddenly breaks down without any warning putting the safety of your data at risk. Other times, you can’t even recover that data. Moreover, you’ll experience a long downtime while the hardware gets repaired.  

Besides hardware failure, cyber-attacks are the primary reason for lengthy downtimes. It’s also one of the riskiest means by which you can suffer downtime because hackers can easily install harmful software to encrypt your data.  

Therefore, a remote setup and hosted solution like QuickBooks hosting is the most efficient solution out there. Not only is it hardware-independent and secure but it also allows easy and quick data access via the net. However, QuickBooks also require consistent uptime to perform optimally.  

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The Importance of Uptime in QuickBooks Hosting  

Here’s a list of some reasons that’ll help you understand why uptime is crucial for QuickBooks hosting:  

High Productivity  

QuickBooks plays a huge role in empowering businesses of all sizes. It makes the company more efficient and productive. It optimizes business operations and helps businesses grow. As mentioned above, uptime is the most important aspect of QuickBooks’ performance.  

Otherwise, downtime restricts QuickBooks access which results in disruption across all business operations. Besides causing hindrance in workplace productivity, it can result in delayed projects and loss of revenue.  

Therefore, the most efficient method to enjoy the resources of QuickBooks to the fullest is by hiring a CSP that provides an SLA-backed uptime guarantee.  

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Economic Benefits  

Another major reason behind the importance of uptime is its economic benefits. For instance, if your workplace is using QuickBooks and managing customers’ demands, a sudden hardware failure can cause a complete system shutdown.  

We understand that downtime is unavoidable at times, but frequent downtime will make you lose customers and suffer financial losses, because customers can easily switch to other firms who offer better uptime.  

Less Risk of Cyber Attacks 

Cyberattacks are known to cause the longest downtime. According to White House statistics, in 2016 the economy suffered around $109 billion losses due to cyberattacks.  

The main drawback of cyberattacks is that it rapidly spreads across the system and affects every business function. For instance, if you’re running an eCommerce site, it’ll affect your service, your customers, and even your vendors.  

The biggest example of the effects of downtime is Yahoo. A cyberattack on Yahoo leaked information of 3 billion accounts worldwide due to which it was sold for peanuts afterward.  

A hardware failure does cause damage to a firm but is not as large as downtime caused by a cyberattack. Therefore, you must get QuickBooks hosting service from a professional provider that offers the highest level of data security and consistent uptime.

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Market Positioning 

To acquire more customers and retain old ones, a business must keep its quality of service consistent. Uptime plays a vital role in keeping the quality to the same standard throughout.  

Frequent downtime sets a bad tone for the business functions and forms a negative image of the business, whereas consistent uptime allows you to position your business at the top of the market.  

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