QuickBooks Hosting Price Comparison 2017

QuickBooks apples

Apples to apples?

Since we started hosting QuickBooks, one question we have always been asked is, “How do you compare to similar providers?”  It’s a fair question and has prompted us to do our best to fairly compare ourselves to other providers.

100% Dedicated Environments (Servers).

This is the single biggest difference that separates QuickBooks hosting providers and top-tier hosting providers.  The reality is that there are so many providers it’s hard to know which company provides with you real dedicated servers as opposed to virtual or shared servers.  As strange as this sounds, the price is a good litmus test to tell if a provider may be providing you a dedicated QuickBooks hosting environment.  Why? They’re slightly more expensive andwill permit nearly all of the most popular 3rd party integrated and other solutions that need to integrate directly on the same server.  Lastly, almost all of them are not authorized by Intuit to host your solution.   With that in mind… We’ll show you how we stack up compared to our competition based on the functions and service requirements most important to our customers and of course, price.

Authorized by Intuit or not?

Interestingly, there are dozens of hosting providers that cause customers to be in violation of the Intuit End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).  If you decide to use another provider, please know this and this may also disqualify you from receiving QuickBooks support.  Check the Intuit Authorized Hosting Program list before you begin.

What to look for.

This is my opinion from being in the industry for a long time, since 2007.  I personally think there are six critical areas to consider.

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Expertise
  • Redundancy/Security
  • Price
  • Support and 
  • Do You Like Them? 


  1. Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers allow 100% of the computing resources, performance and storage to you and your company.  Although the performance at the server may be incredible, the internet connected at your office or home is an important factor in your daily experience, so get that checked too.

Tip 1: Always ask about your hosting provider’s server and if it is a SHARED or DEDICATED environment.

Tip 2: Do you need 3rd Party Integration or Systems Installed? Ask them can they host any integrated solution and as a follow up if the price be the same?


  1. Expertise

It takes dedication and skill operating your business with QuickBooks and related systems well.  Do not trust your business to just some company who just “hosts QuickBooks.”  Find ones that have QuickBooks ProAdvisors, CPAs and integration experts on staff to answer all your questions.

Tip 1: Ask for their status as a QuickBooks Authorized Host and do they have QuickBooks implementation experts available to answer your questions.

Tip 2: Make sure they support all the 3rd Party Products you need to operate your business successfully.

Tip 3: Check to see if they can support your growth, can implement and support other systems like Sage or Accumatica if you do grow beyond QuickBooks.


  1. Redundancy and Security

No matter if you have 3 users or 300, make sure that your provider is highly redundant and can offer you a continuity plan (if they go out of business) and can shield you from recurring threats in today’s business world.

Tip 1: Find out how often they back up your environment and if you can work with them to take a copy of your data (it may come at an extra price).

Tip 2: Ask about their compliance with industry standards.


  1. Price

This can make or break a deal for everyone but needs to be weighed against your needs, including privacy, performance, future expandability and if the providers are giving you a dedicated environment.

Tip 1: Make sure to ask what else is included in the Price per User and if the price is just for QuickBooks hosting.

Tip 2: Consider what professional services are included like ProAdvisors, Accountants, CPAs and strategic consultations.


  1. Customer Support

Request to speak with their customers and find out first-hand what their experience with the hosting providing is like.  Ask the customers questions like, “Were issues resolved in timely manner? Have you experienced any outages and for how long?  How is their response time to critical issues?”

Tip: Do not simply take online reviews as being accurate as for references you can speak to or see if they make public their customer satisfaction with support and provide you a free 30 day no-hassle test drive.


  1. Do You Like Them?

I know this sounds obvious, but the reality is how did you feel during the first call, email or interaction?  When they got on a call with you, did they go beyond the “price” and consult you on options?  You’re going to be working with these people on a daily basis so you’d better have a good sense of them before you begin.

Tip:  Just talk to them and get to know them as people.  It’s important.  Their whole team affects the success of your business.



Remember, you want a dedicated environment to receive the full value and best performance.  So, this is going to limit the field fast. Here’s what we compared:

  • 100% Dedicated Server Instance(s)
  • Ability to add all third-party products and integrations, priced separately.
  • Must Include the Intuit Hosting Fee ($5/month/user)
  • 1 Application, QuickBooks
  • MS Excel is priced separately
  • Pricing for 3 users accessing QuickBooks
  • Pricing for 10 users accessing QuickBooks
  • Does not include QuickBooks Licensing
  • Provider’s price is presented only on their web site.


Monthly Pricing for 3 Users:           $65/month per user

Monthly Pricing for 10 Users:        $65/month per user

Get More Detail


Ace Cloud Hosting

Monthly Pricing for 3 Users:           $49/month per user

Monthly Pricing for 10 Users:        $44/month per user

Check their pricing HERE

Summit Hosting

Monthly Pricing for 3 Users:           $51/month per user

Monthly Pricing for 10 Users:        $51/month per user

Not our words. Check their pricing HERE



These are just as viable solutions and cane considered. Below, a further QuickBooks hosting price comparison. Even though these hosting providers are authorized by intuit, they have chosen to share their resources among all customer.

Another way to say this is that all security, computing, storage and performance are shared between customers.  This has been known to cause issues and should be considered carefully before using such services and honestly can be a good choice if you have 1 to 3 users only and no addons.

Right Networks

Monthly Pricing: $55/user/month

Check their pricing here.


Monthly Pricing: $55/user/month

Check their pricing here.


Monthly Pricing: $54.99/user/month

Check their pricing here.


For our comparison, we included the $5 Intuit surcharge.  Why? Because its required to stay compliant with the EULA.



This is the way a comparison “should be.”  See you in the clouds.