Myths Related to Quickbooks Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting has been gaining steady momentum over the years, thanks to its ease of use and flexibility. It is the preferred accounting software for 85% of businesses. However for people who aren’t aware of its powerful features, we wanted to shed some light on the common myths and facts about QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Hosting Myths – Busted!

quickbooks hosting myths busted gotomyerp

Myth #1: QuickBooks Hosting is expensive and is preferred by large-scale businesses only.

Fact: Nothing can be further from the truth. QuickBooks is not only inexpensive, but it is recommended for startups as well as small business owners. Our startup plans provide sufficient tools and features, which are required for moderate accounting purposes.

Need more features? We can help customize a plan for your specific needs.

Myth #2: QuickBooks Hosting is difficult to operate for people without previous accounting knowledge.

Fact: This is absolutely FALSE. In fact, most of QuickBooks’ competitors even agree – the ease of using QuickBooks is among the highest amongst all the popular accounting softwares. Initial training may be needed just like it is needed for any new to thing to learn, however after weeks of operating the software, the user easily gets the hang of it and is quite capable for self learning the other features of QuickBooks.

Myth #3: QuickBooks Hosting through the cloud is less secure than hosted on privately-owned IT servers.

Fact: Cloud Hosting nowadays is even more secure. gotomyERP is an authorized Intuit Hosting Provider. Only a small number of companies are screened to ensure your data is safe. With emerging technology, the security features nowadays are top notch and you can be worry free regarding your data hosted on the cloud.

Myth #4: Once you encounter problem using QuickBooks Hosting, be prepared to get annoyed.

Fact: QuickBooks provide unlimited technical support to all its clients. We are with you 24/7. If you need help to migrate previous accounting applications to QuickBooks, we can do this. It’s part of the services we offer our clients so there is minimal disturbance to your customer and business data.

Myth #5: QuickBooks Hosting cannot be customized to one’s business needs.

Fact: There are many ways a user can customize QuickBooks Hosting. You can also add third party solutions that complement QuickBooks and your business needs. Not sure how to configure it? We can help!

Five myths busted! Many more to go. We’re looking forward to busting more soon.

Whether you’re just starting your business on the right track with QuickBooks Hosting or looking to migrate from a different provider, we can help. We’ll get you where you need to be.