It’s time to decentralize now.

You may be considering decentralizing your operations with some stories in the news recently. Your team members might have requested the ability to work from home. We’ve long held the belief that it just makes sense to decentralize your operations for security as well as giving team members the flexibility to work from wherever is required and not be anchored by on-premise systems.

It’s 2020, you should be able to work from anywhere if needed. Hosting your applications in the cloud would allow offices to decentralize their operations more easily while adding the security that storing your data in the cloud offers.

To be fair, there have been a few stories recently where cloud hosting providers have been hit with ransomware.
This can happen with providers whose sole M.O. is maximum profit. They will cram as many accounts onto one server as possible.
They may also not make security a high priority and allow email into their environment. 90+% of all issues come in through email. If security was a concern, common sense should dictate that email is not allowed in hosted environments. Which brings us back to decentralization.

A hosting provider should never have their working/sales environments connected to the same network as their client’s applications. Nor should they have their backups connected to the same network. This should seem like common sense, but when greed is dictating the direction of a company, common sense isn’t a high priority. A well-decentralized company would have everything disconnected from each other. Their phone lines, websites, email, data, applications, etc. all shouldn’t be touching each other. Since 2010, gotomyerp has used AWS for proven security and performance. It gives us the ability to construct a highly-secure decentralized environment for our customers.

Our pilot light environments are never kept in the same region. Your server is a 100% dedicated instance for you and your team, with zero resources shared, ever. And most importantly, your data and applications are always available to you.

Decentralizing your operations and moving away from on-premise systems allows for savings, such as reduced IT staff demand, disaster recovery plans, maintenance of hardware to name a few.

With gotomyerp Sage 50, 100, and QuickBooks starts as low as $39/user/month. With a three-user setup that works out to be only $1.95 per person, per day in a 20-day work month, or just over 24 cents total per hour working 8 hours per day during the same time frame.

Thinking it is time to move to the cloud? Call us today (877) 888-5525 or schedule a call, we’re here to help any way we can.