How Secure is Cloud Hosting for Accounting Departments?

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There’s no room for breach of security in an accounting department. Almost all accounting professionals are concerned about the security of their accounting data.  

Securing data is crucial because no accounting firm would succeed otherwise. Although other factors like data management, remote working, flexibility in operations must be given importance as well, keeping the accounting process secure is a priority.  

There are many options available for hosting accounting data and applications, but you must make sure to use the one that offers the maximum benefits along with extra security.  

Amongst other options, cloud hosting is the ideal and versatile option for the accounting department as it offers advanced levels of security, mobility, and performance.  

Gartner predicts that because cloud hosting has become so popular amongst businesses, it’s expected to touch $364 billion in 2022 at the growth rate of 6.2%. More and more businesses now heavily rely on cloud technology.  

If you’re an accountant, you must get your hands on QuickBooks cloud hosting. This virtual server doesn’t use a shared environment, instead, they offer exclusive resources to the accountants using it.  

Wondering why cloud hosting is the safest option out there? The files saved in cloud servers are encrypted which means they are inaccessible to cybercriminals. Here’s a breakdown of why accounting firms or departments should use cloud hosting. 

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Advanced Protection & Security  

Both the cloud infrastructure and the servers are built to offer advanced protection. However, dedicated cloud servers form a sturdy layer of protection for accounting data and applications.  

Keep in mind that the cloud hosting provider you’ll approach must take advanced measures to secure accounting data. These measures comprise features like data encryption for the safe transfer of data, IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System) for identifying any dangerous data traffic, and multi-factor authentication to safely access the cloud.  

A shared cloud environment involves a large pool of users who host their applications or data and also share all the resources provided by the cloud. Even if the cloud hosting providers guarantee maintaining the anonymity of the users, any breach of security in one application because of the user’s negligence can cost other applications as well.  

Therefore, QuickBooks cloud hosting is suitable for an accountant as it consists of separate resources that aren’t affected by unknown applications hosted on the same platform.  

Constant Security Updates  

If you’re used to ignoring operating system update notifications, you’re making a mistake. Never ignore any security update when it comes to accounting data security. Constant security updates include tools that are designed to keep your devices safe from any current malware or viruses.  

When you choose to store your accounting data on a server, the hosting company will make sure to constantly update their security measures, even if you forget to run an update.  

Built-in Firewalls  

Cloud hosting providers depend on firewalls to keep your data safe. As the name suggests, a firewall acts as a barrier between the data and the traffic coming towards the network. This built-in firewall helps filter alien traffic which makes it harder for hackers to spread any virus or breach security measures.   

Backed-up Data  

Are you thinking about critical situations like hardware failure or power shutdown? How will you access your data under such circumstances? Cloud hosting service has you covered!  

Professional hosting companies practice redundancy. This allows users to access their data from a backup server in case one server breaks down. Redundancy involves copying data many times and storing it on various data centers.  

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