How E-Commerce Companies Can Handle Complaints

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Eighty-one percent of consumers trust the advice of friends and family over businesses. Hence, e-commerce companies must provide stellar customer service

According to Statista, there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers by 2021. It’s a significant number, a large pool of consumers that will spend trillions of dollars next year.

As per the same stats, the existing market is a touch above 2 billion already. However, e-commerce is a highly saturated industry, with competition increasing with each passing day.

Therefore, businesses must bring their A-game to find success in the online marketplace and earn maximum return on investment.

Customer service is all about creating a positive experience for the client. It also involves handling complaints effectively to keep them satisfied.

In this blog, we’ll look at how e-commerce companies can handle complaints effectively and how QuickBooks online hosting can help. Let’s get started!

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How E-Commerce Companies Can Handle Complaints Effectively

The reputation of an e-commerce store is everything. Consumer perception of a brand influences their purchasing decision.

Customer grievances provide you an opportunity to improve existing shortcomings on your business to provide the best experience to your consumers.

Therefore, you must handle customer complaints effectively. Here are some essential tips to follow:

Stay calm

Upset customers can be impolite and rude while complaining. It’s crucial to stay calm and keep a cold head during the conversation.

While you may feel like defending your position, you must carefully listen to their side of the argument first and respond professionally.

Show acknowledgment

Once they finish talking about their issue, acknowledge the issue by repeating what the customer said.

Also, tell the customer that you understand how it can be frustrating for them. It will show that you’ve actually listened to their problem and understood their concern.


Say thank you

Customers who don’t receive affirmation after making a compliant will take their business elsewhere.

Therefore, you should show them that you care about their concerns. A smart way is to thank them and tell them that you value their efforts and time to raise an issue.

Offer an apology

You’d be surprised to see how a simple apology can change the course of a heated conversation. The word ‘sorry’ can instantly calm down a customer and make them feel heard.

As a result, the customer will remain calm and relaxed, enabling you to work out a solution and closing the compliant on a positive note.

Provide support

Finally, you should offer them support by facilitating them in the best way possible. You must suggest alternatives or resolution that will add value to the customer.

If the company policy doesn’t allow the resolution that a customer wants, find a way to reach a middle ground to prevent conflicts.

How can QuickBooks help?

The best way to handle customer complaints is to prevent them from developing in the first place. However, it’s easier said than done.

E-commerce businesses deal with a lot of complaints, but most of them relate to late deliveries, incorrect products, and payment issues.

It’s understandable as e-commerce businesses have to deal with data pouring through different sales channels every day.

It can be challenging and overwhelming to organize and manage the numbers within the system effectively.

Therefore, e-commerce companies must invest in QuickBooks that can be easily integrated with top e-commerce platforms to simplify processes and improve accuracy.

Here’s how QuickBooks online hosting can add value to your business:

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Multiple payment gateways

Consumers allow e-commerce businesses to provide multiple payment channels, including cash, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Google Wallet, and more.

QuickBooks support most of these payment gateways without any hassle. Moreover, it also facilitates transactions in different currencies to improve operational efficiency.

The faster the order processes, the quicker it’s dispatched and reaches its destination. Quick deliveries are one of the best ways to keep customers happy.

Also, using QuickBooks hosting will grant you access to high-performance servers, which will make payment processing more seamless.

Automated sync

Developing an online platform will make it convenient to facilitate your customers. Most top e-commerce platforms, like Shopify and Magneto, are compatible with QuickBooks.

You can see a sequential display of all the transactions taking place on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The cloud hosting offers automated sync, so you can carry out the accounting tasks anytime and from anywhere around the world.

From issuing refunds to clearing pending payments, you can do many things on a single dashboard, which helps provide timely services to your customers.

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Manage Inventory and Shipping

Every e-commerce business faces challenges when it comes to managing effective supply chain processes due to inherent complexities involved in the process.

QuickBooks hosting can prove to be valuable in managing inventory and shipping. It allows users to collaborate and update information about supply chain operations effectively.

Real-time monitoring and control features help monitor the orders and transactions from any location at any time.

It will allow your e-commerce company to remain updated and keep customers informed about their orders, leading to improved business relationships and goodwill.

Final words

In today’s fast-paced business environment, e-commerce platforms must have relevant and up-to-date information to keep their customers satisfied.

When customers reps have real-time information to hand, they can handle customer queries immediately and more effectively.

If you want to partner with an experienced QuickBooks hosting service provider to improve your e-commerce business, contact us today!

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