How Do You Choose a Suitable QuickBooks Hosting Provider?

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When it comes to cloud hosting services and providers, most bookkeepers, CPAs, accountants, and small to mid-sized businesses prefer QuickBooks hosting. With its specialized features and advanced security, it makes an ideal tool for handling business accounts without taking help from a third party. 

Besides offering advanced protection, QuickBooks hosting service offers 24/7 easy access, high uptime, multi-user collaboration, and much more.  

However, to ensure the efficiency of cloud hosting, it’s necessary to choose the right QuickBooks hosting provider. It might be challenging and a lengthy process but it’s worth the effort.  

The right hosting provider will not only offer premium services and resources but will also keep your data safe.  

Here’s a breakdown of things you must consider while choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider 

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Identify Your Needs  

The first step towards the hunt for the right hosting provider is through identifying your needs. Prepare a checklist of all your needs and expectations related to cloud hosting.  

Since different hosting companies have varying fields and degrees of expertise and benefits to offer, it’s necessary to select a company that is aligned with your expectations so that you’re satisfied with the final service.  

Go for Budget-Friendly Options  

Once you’re clear with what you need, set a budget accordingly. Since cloud hosting services are mainly opted by small to mid-sized businesses whose revenue is limited, it’s better to reach out to hosting companies that offer affordable prices.  

Otherwise, your business won’t be able to cover the expenses or earn any profits.  

Reputation & Quality of Service  

Although affordability is the main factor while considering a company, it’s not okay to choose a company that is compromising on quality because of low prices. You must evaluate the standard level of the data center to ensure the service quality offered by them.  

Protecting your important business data should be a priority. Low service quality can put you in serious trouble, therefore, make sure that the hosting provider you choose is compliant with PCI, DSS, HIPAA.  

  • PCI: Payment Card Industry Data Security Data Security Standard Compliance. 
  • DSS Compliance: For those websites that accept card payments.  
  • HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  
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Loyal Clientele  

Before choosing any hosting company or provider, keep in mind to check their customer base or reviews and experience. Only professional cloud hosting companies can offer customized hosting services as they’ve catered to many clients in the past.  

Each customer has their own set of preferences and comes from a different niche so if a company has served a large customer base, they must have the expertise and skills to offer high-quality services.  

24/7 Customer Support  

The most effective way to judge a hosting company is through their customer support. If they’re very active and efficient in dealing with clients and queries, it’s a positive sign.  

Find out whether your desired hosting company offers 24/7 customer support or not. If they do then that means they care about the safety of their customer’s data.  

A man engaged in managing cloud hosting service on a desktop

Make Use of the Free Trial 

Performance precedes all. Check if the cloud server is performing optimally as it’s one of the most important aspects of choosing the right QuickBooks hosting provider. Usually, cloud hosting companies offer a free trial so you should take advantage of that.  

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