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With huge demands in business services and the rising cost of running operations, ERP software are lending a great aid. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and its main function is to facilitate information with an array of integrated applications. Quickbooks is a perfect business accounting software for small business developed by Intuit.

The pricing plans are relatively lesser and its main advantage is to integrate easily with the other programs. The Interface is easy on the eyes and the software helps to put the company profile easily. The forms in the software closely resemble actual paper documents that a client would be filling out in the absence of this software.

The transparency for calculation is also a a pro and major advantage in quickbooks. It easily displays info regarding the finances and the accounts that are being used for transaction. The company profile can also be erased with much ease whenever required.

The customer support is quite friendly and helpful and is quite goal oriented for providing help online. The transaction done are easily accessible in case of future audits. In case of expensive billing, each expense can be saved easily with respect to client or a job, so that the users don’t have manually reconcile them.

The other features (Pros) of QuickBooks include : – Efficient management for Payroll, Ease of reporting, Tracking for sales.
The accounting requirements for a company or organization can be easily managed using Quickbooks.

Also for cost saving purpose, Quickbooks also provides its Online Edition which allows its users to use the software through a secure Web Browser. The features are offered less in the online version , however they are satisfactory for a startup business who doesn’t want to invest heavily initially.

The security features in Quickbooks are top notch and sensitive data is well secured from prying eyes of hackers and other malicious software online.

All in all, one can say that QuickBooks are very much an important need in today’s world as they cut down a lot of expenses on other operational costs and thus rewards with financial savings for the organization. The features and pros far outweigh the cons of this ERP.

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