Future of cloud hosting services with QuickBooks Hosting

The concept of Cloud hosting started during the 80’s. But with the rising awareness, only now it has started to grab the eyeballs of business owners. From a reputed and authentic source, it was made public that 3 out of 5 businesses will shift their business models towards cloud hosting by 2018. By around 2025, it is predicted that almost all of the business will be indirectly related to QuickBooks Hosting through cloud in one or the other way.


Cloud Hosting Concepts

Many people still don’t understand the concept of Cloud hosting and its advantages. Some even think that cloud Hosting like that of QuickBooks Hosting will only benefit the Large scale business owners.

Cloud hosting offers huge amounts of benefits to its users. Mostly ranging from reduction in IT infrastructure to having time to focus on effective service to the customers. There are a few basic concepts that one needs to understand regarding Cloud hosting.
  • SaaS: It stands for Software as a service. One example can be of QuickBooks Hosting developed by Intuit. The SaaS is made available on cloud hosting servers with monthly or yearly subscription charges.
  • IaaS: The full form stands for Infrastructure as a Service. If you would handle all your data on your own using all the hardware equipment’s for servers and air conditioning and electricity, that would amount to huge expenses. This summation for all such equipment’s and its associated costs is called as IaaS. The QuickBooks Hosting provider like gotomyerp handles all such concerns allowing you to to focus on providing quality and more effective service to your clients.With so much emphasis on Cloud hosting these days, it is important to know its benefits also. Here are few:-
  • Security: Although there are more benefits than just security of your data, but this one stands out as a unique benefit. Imagine in case of fire, flood or natural disaster, your whole servers and the data gets wiped out? Wouldn’t that be a huge loss? Now this worry can be kept aside with QuickBooks hosting simply because the providers take all necessary precautions when they choose a place for their datacenter.
  • Backup of your data automatically: In case of your server crash or hard disk failure, rest assured that your data would not be wiped out in anyway because in the QuickBooks Hosting, there is automatic feature for backing up of your data on timely schedule. You can always configure the timings for such operations to suit your business.

With so many features, cloud hosting is going to proof a permanent need in the future for all sorts of businesses.

The only limitations are internet connectivity. With even moderately slow internet, working on cloud is easy. You also get the benefit of working on powerful servers in exchange on moderate monthly subscriptions that aren’t too heavy on your pockets.

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