Benefits of Using Cloud Hosted QuickBooks for Manufacturing Businesses

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Are you still using excel sheets for accounting? Or, do you have a complex accounting program on your computer that is hard to understand? Well, it’s time to move on. QuickBooks is the perfect software that can help you track the financials of your manufacturing business daily.  There are the many benefits of using QuickBooks for your manufacturing business.

Track Inventory

Inventory management is a crucial component for most businesses, especially when it comes to manufacturing. Whether you’re a small-time entrepreneur running a small manufacturing business or a large corporation with hundreds of thousands of employees and subsidiaries, it’s crucial to keep tabs on the inventory levels of your products. With that said, inventory management can often be one of the more complicated aspects of running a business, making an accounting software like QuickBooks, a valuable asset for entrepreneurs.

By using QuickBooks, you can monitor your product inventory more efficiently, significantly reducing the amount of time you spend on inventory tasks.

Manage Expenses

 If you are a small business owner, you need to stay on top of your expenses, which means monitoring cash flow regularly. QuickBooks helps track the cost of materials, service revenue, and operating expenses. You can then use this information to keep your business from having liquidity problems.

Creating Bill of Materials (BOM)

A bill of materials (BOM) lists all the parts used to create a product or service. You’ll need it for tracking inventory, managing projects, and establishing pricing. With QuickBooks, you can create BOMs with ease. Using the software, managers can keep track of what the plant is working on at any given time.

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Track Product-Wise Profitability

The most essential feature of accounting software is that it can help track product-wise profitability. QuickBooks provides this feature, assists in customer-wise profitability, and offers a detailed analysis of your operations at various levels. It also helps in closing your financial statements accurately, which is crucial for any business.

Save IT-Related Expenses

QuickBooks is a hosting service for the cloud with a highly competent professional team available 24/7 to resolve any issues, so you don’t have to go to the expensive trouble of hiring an IT team or investing in expensive infrastructure.

Improve Warehouse Management

Keeping tabs on inventory numbers in a warehouse isn’t just a convenience in— it’s a necessity. When you’re responsible for keeping track of more than a million dollars worth of equipment, supplies, and other assets, you can see why accurate warehouse management is so important.

It’s also imperative that you keep supplies well-organized so that your employees don’t waste time looking for things they need to get their work done. By using QuickBooks, warehouse managers can create and customize real-time warehouse reports.

Order Management

Once you’ve got your inventory system in order, it’s time to start managing your orders. QuickBooks helps improve the speed and efficiency of order fulfilment. Entrepreneurs can also track deliveries in real-time and improve customer experience.

Generate Reports

Manufacturing businesses require accurate and up-to-date financial information to operate efficiently. QuickBooks allows business owners to generate reports on various aspects of their business. It’s also user-friendly and allows owners to manage their accounts, pay bills, receive payments, track inventory, prepare payrolls, generate thousands of reports, and monitor finances very easily.

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Improve Your Manufacturing Business With QuickBooks

If you’re a smart business owner, using a program like QuickBooks to manage your inventory and business assets is the best way to keep track of your sales and expenses, plan for future growth and receive reliable metrics on your financial standing.

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