Accessing QuickBooks Remotely: All You Need to Know

QuickBooks is an amazing software program that is being used by many businesses around the world for their accounting needs. It allows businesses to manage all their payments and accounts. Over the past few years, many businesses have shifted to remote work models. Here’s how businesses can access it while working remotely.  

Accessing QuickBooks Remotely  

There are three ways of accessing your QuickBooks data remotely — File Sharing and Cloud Storage Options, Intuit Locate, and Remote Access Software Applications that Work with Web Connect. It doesn’t matter which option you choose — it boils down to what best meets your needs. Let’s explore this one by one. 

File Sharing and Cloud Storage Options  

File shares are an easy way to share files between different computers, devices, and people without the use of a server. When you share a file, it is like sending an email to someone and the recipient can access the file on another computer just like they would be using their email client.  

File sharing requires good internet connectivity between a web browser and the remote server because files are being transferred between computers. So if your internet connection is poor, then file sharing may not be able to work properly because files won’t be able to be transferred promptly. 

When you use File Sharing to view QuickBooks company files, it is handy that a client application doesn’t have to be installed on the computer. This means that you won’t have to install QuickBooks on your computer or mobile device. And of course, there’s no need to export or convert files. 

Cloud storage options include hosted file storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive. These services are most useful when you need to share files across multiple devices and computers. These cloud storage options require a browser connection and they’re not as fast when sharing large files as other remote access methods that we will discuss.  

Intuit Locate  

Intuit Locate is a great way to access your QuickBooks data remotely. You can use this option if you have a computer and mobile device that can access the internet. If you need to access your company file from multiple locations, Intuit Locate is the most economical and convenient because you don’t need to purchase an Intuit Locate subscription for each location. This means that in some cases you can access your QuickBooks data remotely from all your devices by just paying for one Intuit Locate subscription instead of three or four. 

Intuit, the company that makes QuickBooks, has built in a bunch of options that allow you to access your QuickBooks company files from just about anywhere. These remote access features include: 

QuickBooks Remote Desktop Connections 

This is one of the best options available for controlling your QuickBooks files remotely. You can even use this option to remotely connect to another computer. Since it is a Microsoft Windows feature, you’ll need to make sure that both computers are running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher (Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 all support this option). There are different versions available for Mac users too.  

QuickBooks Online 

This is a cloud-based service that allows you to access your company’s files from any web browser (and any computer) for just a minimal fee. It’s important to mention that QuickBooks Online doesn’t provide a way to print to your desktop printer, but it will allow you to generate invoices online and send them as PDF attachments through email. 

QuickBooks GoPayment 

Another option available is the mobile companion app, QuickBooks GoPayment. The software is free, yes — but it costs money if you want to use some of the premium features.  

QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise 

Both of these options are paid for, but they provide features that are not available in the free QuickBooks Go software package. 

Web Connect  

Web Connect allows you to access QuickBooks data from a web browser on another computer or mobile device without installing QuickBooks on the device. This means that you need a web connection on your device to access your QuickBooks data and it’s also handy that you don’t have to worry about adding QuickBooks to all of your devices. 

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