Adjusting prices January 1, 2019

gotomyerp is adjusting our pricing to more accurately reflect the value our customers receive and to make room for better care and performance. Unfortunately, our friends at Microsoft and AWS haven’t made this timing any easier.


Why now?

Nearly all our strategic partners like AWS and Microsoft have raised their prices throughout 2017 and 2018. Microsoft just announced another price increase effective January 1 for critical components we use for your environment, every day.

And, we discontinued legacy price plans back in October 2017.


Who’s Affected?

All new customers starting October 1st.

Customers who have been on our legacy price since 2014.

If your agreement just ended or is about to, you will see a change in your pricing.

We encourage you to contact us before December 1st, 2018. Customers who do not have an agreement will automatically be moved to month-to-month pricing.


Who’s NOT Affected?

Those who become customers in late 2018 will continue to enjoy their contractual price for 12 or 36 months.

All customers under a contract ending in 2019 or beyond.


Early Price Adopter Lock-In BEFORE December 1st, 2018:

We want to lock in your current service with 2018 pricing before the change is made so we’re making it as easy as possible to do that over the next 60 days.

Easiest way?  Set An Appointment

• Discuss your experience

• Review your current plan

• Discuss options. Adjust, combine or delete users and applications.

Apply for your credits from our Loyalty Program. These are credits toward free-months’ of hosting. (based on eligibility)

• Renew before 12/1/2018 and Save.


2019 Benefits

Higher Performing Environments for All.

Reduced Monthly Price on Selected Syncronized Apps.

Refer a Customer Credit (no limit):

• Greater than your month price, get 1-month free hosting

• Less than your month price, get ½ month free

Performance Options

We now offer performance enhancements depending on your need.


For specialized industries requirements: PCI, ITAR, HIPAA, ISO, SOC1,2,3 and more…


Act Quickly. Click here and set a time to discuss today.